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23 Jul 2019

by Forrester Consulting

Thought Leadership Paper: How Democratized Access To Data-Driven And Model-Agnostic New Enterprise Architecture Drives Success

Commissioned By Ardoq, March 2019 

To succeed today, businesses must harness digital assets and ecosystems to continually improve customer outcomes and increase operational agility. Digital businesses thrive when they enable data-driven insights to drive operational and strategic decisions, informed by a deep understanding of their organizational capabilities and technology assets. As a key enabler, data-driven new enterprise architecture (EA) focusing on context and automation is becoming critical to success

About this report 

In December 2018, Ardoq commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how well organizations are able to activate operational and business data to support business priorities. Forrester conducted an online survey of 150 Enterprise Architects and professionals (non-EA) from the US and the UK to explore this topic.

We found that democratized access to business and operational data is considered critical across the board, however, professionals (non-EA) complain about ineffective access to this data, while technical and strategic barriers limit Enterprise Architect teams’ ability to overcome these issues. By pivoting strategies around business goals, and ensuring efforts are guided by user requirements, EA teams can have a meaningful impact on their firm’s ability to achieve objectives. 

“98% of EA professionals cite obstacles in their efforts to democratize operational data access”  

Key  Findings 
  1. Enterprise Architects and professionals agree on the value of democratized data but disagree on their ability to activate it. An overwhelming majority of both EA and professionals in our study agree: democratized access to operational and business data is critical. EA´S are more likely to rate their organization as “very good” or “excellent” at activating this type of data to support key objectives.
  2. Poor user access to data harms digital business, but technical and strategic barriers limit Enterprise Architect’s ability to fix issues. As many as 95% of professionals face challenges with using operational data to make decisions. Many of them struggle to connect data reports into a bigger picture to see relationships between operational data insights and their actual operational environment.
  3. As Enterprise Architects pivot their strategies around broader business goals, professional users can help identify the necessary tools. EAs are already evolving their strategies to better align to the business, but more work is needed. To drive more business value, EA leaders highlighted five necessary capabilities:
  • flexible architectures
  • decision support to a variety of roles
  • data automation
  • models with embedded ROI metrics
  • outputs optimized for business users

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