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Using Data-Driven Insights to Innovate and Future-Proof the Enterprise

  • Collaboratively driving change projects
  • Leveraging insights to drive innovation
  • Identifying opportunities for optimization
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in assets
branches throughout Brazil

Within the first 6 months, the different verticals in the organization saw the value of Ardoq. Within a year, it was helping us manage information from all our different systems.

Leonardo Mendes Fantinel
Enterprise Architect at Sicredi

Slow, Manual Systems and Processes

  • Tedious manual data management by Enterprise Architects - Time-consuming collection and distribution
  • Static and complex tools - Lack of integration made it difficult to develop organization-wide data-driven insights
  • Slow to adapt - Needed to be more agile to keep up with rapid changes in the industry, economic shifts, and ever-changing business priorities

How Ardoq Helped

“The industry and business are constantly changing, and so our priorities are changing too. We need a way to manage these priorities and our growing list of things to do, in what can be a challenging landscape.”
Leonardo Mendes Fantinel





Key Outcomes With Ardoq

For the whole organization:
  • Ability to identify opportunities for optimization and innovation leveraging insights from Ardoq
  • A flexible, agile tool that enabled them to rapidly plan and execute
  • Clear map of capabilities across the organization to better understand impact and asset ownership

For the Enterprise Architects:

  • Democratizing the data process and getting organizational input earlier in change projects
  • Generating up-to-date presentations regularly and easily tailored to specific stakeholders
  • Successfully socializing EA data-driven insights to key stakeholders where past tools had failed


Sicredi is Brazil’s first private cooperative bank, with over 35,000 employees serving over 5 million customers. They have more than 6 million members across Brazil, with more than 2,400 thousand branches distributed in more than 100 cooperatives.

Despite being in a traditional and complex industry, they were exploring how to best leverage emerging technologies. Their EA team is the main provider of insights for these efforts. They want to ensure that operations are always optimal and that they can quickly answer the question “How can we use our money in a better way?” at any time within constantly changing priorities and scopes.

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