Stakeholder Engagement

Share insights and deliver value to key stakeholders across your organization.

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Engagement Is the Most Important Factor in Any Transformation Initiative

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Meet Your Colleagues Where They Work to Get the Best Data

  • Build trust by seamlessly involving subject matter experts with data collection and maintenance
  • Target experts with powerful, automated workflows based on data

Empower Better Decisions Where They Happen

  • Provide senior leaders and decision-makers with key insights, reports, and dashboards
  • Embed visual and numerical analysis in the tools experts are already using
  • Easily integrate with the tools and workflows you already have

Proactively Connect Changemakers Throughout Your Organization

  • Automatically notify those impacted by changes in strategic plans, IT projects, risk levels, or other initiatives
  • Distribute stakeholder specific reports and presentations at scale
  • Include people as a part of your architecture for improved impact analysis and collaboration


Engage and Build Trust
ardoq tailored ux

Context-driven and Customizable UX

  • Gather data from domain experts through simple, customized surveys without requiring them to learn a new tool
  • Easily adapt the text to speak to the individual, without losing the benefit of structured living data
  • Share the most up-to-date data, using real-time collaboration with your experts

Secure and Democratized Data Collection

  • Combine surveys with democratized approval workflows to include the experts in data validation
  • Securely distribute surveys across wide audiences without losing control of access management through your existing SSO solutions
  • Include external partners without exposing sensitive data with publicly available surveys


Automate Insightful Storytelling

Out-of-the-box, Living Presentations

  • Share any of Ardoq’s 20+ automated and dynamic visualizations as permission-guided presentations
  • Include textual context, heat mapping, and perspectives that speak to each stakeholder with no manual drawings
  • Be confident that front-line decisions are made on the same data, free from siloes
ardoq presentations

Secure, Event-based Information Distribution

  • Enable non-Ardoq users to securely access your presentations by authenticating through your organization’s SSO
  • Share public presentations with vendors and partners without the risk of leaking sensitive information
  • Distribute presentations based on events to reduce response times and increase situational awareness


Collaborate Effectively Far Beyond IT
ardoq engagement broadcasts

Intelligent, Automated Workflows

  • Target the people you need based on real-time data
  • Integrate notifications to change events in your architecture such as risk, outages, or quality metrics
  • Distribute stakeholder-specific surveys, dashboards, and presentations without any manual interviews, spreadsheets, or drawings
ardoq democratize governance

Efficient Democratized Governance

  • Assign approvals to the subject matter experts based on their relationships to your architecture
  • Improve data quality and ownership by removing centralized command and control
  • Enable communities to contribute safely without losing trust in the data

Ardoq Discover

Make User Experiences Easy and Intuitive

Ardoq Discover has a unique user interface that makes it easy to view the enterprise architecture, check the status, see planned changes or projects, and add information.

  • Ideal for CIOs, CISOs, IT teams, business leaders, and others involved in strategic planning, IT optimization, and digital transformation
  • Promote collaboration between business and IT by increasing visibility and understanding of key projects and plans
  • Know who and what will be impacted by changes to technologies
  • Manage business change and transformation in a collaborative manner