Play by the new rules of EA

Old Enterprise Architecture is dying. Whether you're just starting or looking to reboot your EA, now is the perfect time to rethink your EA landscape.

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With Ardoq, all use cases leverage and enrich the same graph data set, allowing for better and faster insights.

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Master ecosystem architecture with Ardoq Enterprise Intelligence Graph

Understand how your applications, people, processes, and data interconnect. Go from static architecture to augmented analytics.

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Graph connected use cases drive more than their sum

Experience advanced meta-analysis. Automate dependency analysis. Uncover the unintuitive.

Application portfolio management

Manage all applications to increase efficiency and optimize your IT spend.

Business capability mapping

Ensure you always put the right resources to the right work at the right time.

Dataflow & integrations

Untangle the complexity of integration architecture.

Risk & security architecture

Reduce operational risk with easy detection of potential security threats.


Showcase compliance anytime with an automated record of all processing activities.

Ardoq webinar featuring Forrester

Simplify your EA with context and automation
with Gordon Barnett, Forrester Principal Analyst
03 April 2019, 3:00-4:00 PM (GMT+1)

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“We needed a tool that could free ourselves from work in drawing sophisticated diagrams by actually enabling a tool that could provide those for us automatically, and that we could use to filter and fit to create views for various stakeholders, be that the CIO, the IT architect or the business process engineer.”

Jan-Fredrik Stoveland-Alfsen, PwC Director

Real customer stories

New EA helps a wide range of companies benefit in many different ways. 

Discover what our customers have to say about working with Ardoq.


PwC uses Ardoq to work more interactively with its customers and clients, helping to define their processes and architecture in real-time.

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Capgemini uses Ardoq to automate processes and deliver solutions at pace, finding answers and delivering value for clients even when faced with highly complex scenarios.

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Torvald Klaveness uses Ardoq to provide visibility across its technology suites, processes, and capabilities to identify positive change states for the organization.

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Fjordkraft was Ardoq’s first customer, and Ardoq helps it to connect the dots and create relationships between objects to visualize and understand complex structures.

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Aera uses Ardoq to document how each aspect of the organization fits together, build relationships between the most important parts of the business, and map data categories onto its infrastructure.

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Fundu uses Ardoq to simplify and improve communication, share technology layout and business processes with all stakeholders, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Sysco uses Ardoq to share knowledge, improve communication, and easily create multiple visualizations around integrations and architecture.

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Capgemini uses Ardoq to quickly and simply map out risk, and easily see all IT systems and processes and understand how everything is connected.

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