Reduce Costs

Data-Driven Cost Management

Provide new insight into cost and efficiency opportunities by aligning IT and business architecture models to financial data.

Ardoq Is Trusted by Digitally Forward Companies Worldwide

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ardoq reduce cost

Reduce IT Complexity and Spend

Over time enterprise IT estate grows, often remaining unchecked which can lead to duplicate functionality, outdated technologies and IT overspend. This sheer complexity makes it difficult to see where there is overlap, underutilizaton and what the true costs of your IT portfolio actually are.

Ardoq provides visibility into your application architecture, technologies and infrastructure, and streamlines IT portfolio management. This means having more visibility of legacy technologies, better allocation of resources into vital services and greater control of IT expenditure.

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ardoq reduce cost

Optimize Operational Efficiency

See your business from a new angle and streamline your operations.

Ardoq allows you to visualize and assess critical functions for business operations and service delivery. This includes mapping capabilities that support essential business processes, IT infrastructure, customer service, and any other areas vital for maintaining organizational stability.

Through Ardoq's dynamic and interconnected views, decision-makers can easily distinguish between core and non-core capabilities. Ensure your organization runs optimally by targeting your investments and resources in the right areas.

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ardoq reduce cost

Faster Impact Analysis

An impact analysis is probably the most important tool for organizations undergoing change, particularly changes to business models, capabilities, processes, people, and technologies. The larger the initiative and more disparate your business data and IT landscape, the more difficult the analysis.

Ardoq provides a single source of truth for your change initiatives.

  • Data-driven maps of your organization's current state to help architects and project managers
  • Powerful Scenario modeling to understand the impact change initiatives will have on IT and the wider organization
  • Additional tools and techniques to help you accelerate the scoping phase and drive down the cost of making complex changes

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  • Ardoq can identify cost savings within the technology portfolio by highlighting those redundant systems. However, we all know that the hardest part of actually realizing these cost savings is the decommissioning. In Ardoq, you can model out future state scenarios. For example, if we wanted to eliminate X, we can show the impacts and dependencies of doing so…It’s rarely as simple as just removing one thing.

    Patrick Girasole
    Solution Specialist at Ardoq
  • We can also use Ardoq to assess the total cost of ownership and build the business case based on those recommendations. This includes cost savings as well as areas of investment. And then developing that prioritized roadmap to help execute on the disposition recommendations. And then finally, Ardoq can be used to continue to track the ongoing business case as those application dispositions are executed on.

    Miranda Mason
    Managing Director Technology Strategy at Slalom
  • (Now, with Ardoq) we have a portfolio view where you basically see what applications we have, their lifecycle information, who's owning an application, and the cost.

    robert pröber
    Robert Pröber
    Manager of Cloud and Data Governance at STIHL