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Exciting New AI Capabilities

We're infusing AI throughout the platform to make modeling easier, helping you be more effective as an architect. With these latest advancements, you save time mapping your current state and have more time for strategic planning and design.

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AI-Powered Descriptions

Boost survey completion rates and save respondents from hours of painstaking copying and pasting. The new AI Description Generator automatically generates application descriptions and auto-fills survey description fields. Just imagine how much time AI can save you capturing and maintaining your EA inventory.


AI Assistant

Get expert advice on best practices and EA techniques from our conversational assistant trained on the Ardoq help center. Simply type your questions into the AI assistant, and you will receive quick and helpful responses.


AI View Builder

Our cutting-edge AI feature helps you effortlessly model your architecture. Simply ask a question using natural language. Ardoq will interpret your query, search the graph database, and generate a custom visualization for you. This feature is ideal when you want fast answers to pressing questions.

Minimize Effort With AI-Based Reference Creation

Explore the potential of Ardoq and large language models (LLM) for Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). This article covers how to include Ardoq in a RAG pipeline to automate reference creation and the potential benefits.

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Ardoq for AI Innovation Management

Ardoq doesn't only use AI to help you — it helps you use AI. With Ardoq, you can identify, document, and evaluate AI developments across your organization. That's ideal when you want to prioritize innovation efforts and confidently navigate changes in infrastructure, risk, compliance and governance.

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What you can expect

Enhancing Enterprise Architecture With AI

Listen to this on-demand webinar with Ian Stendera, Chief Product Officer, and Jason Baragry, Head of Product Research and Strategy to get insights into:

  • Which AI techniques we are exploring at Ardoq?
  • How do we prioritize AI developments in our platform?
  • How can Semantic Search, LLM, and potentially Deep Learning help simplify and improve Enterprise Architecture?

Take Full Advantage of AI Today!

For existing customers, make sure you have enabled the AI features directly within Ardoq under Preferences > Organization Settings > Feature Settings.

If the AI features are greyed out, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about AI, language models, security, and privacy in our AI FAQ.