Application Risk Management

Efficiently assess application risk and support IT compliance.

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Support Application Risk Management and Compliance

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Are you involved in assessing IT or application risk? Does your CIO, Security or Compliance team need reliable information about threats or mitigation efforts? Do you feel confident the right controls are in place?

Identifying and managing application risk is a critical but often complex part of overall IT risk Management. With advances in AI, rapid software development, increasing cyber-security threats and new regulations, the level of complexity continues to rise.

This makes it increasingly difficult to manage risks and respond to regulatory compliance, if you don't have a smart and automated solution.

Rely on Ardoq to simplify your complete application risk management process and provide corporate stakeholders with much needed control of mitigation efforts and compliance. Save time, automate boring tasks and rest assured that application risk is well-understood and managed.

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Fast answers to pressing questions

Trust Ardoq when you want to model risks, applications, controls and business capabilities and better understand how an attack or failure on one application will impact another.

Ardoq's powerful graph-technology enables you to answer critical questions including:

  • What risks should we care about?
  • Who owns the risk?
  • Who will be impacted if there is an incident?
  • What teams, departments, or business units carry the most risk?
  • What business and technical capabilities carry the most risk?
  • What is the control effectiveness?
  • Where are there control deficiencies?
Basic steps in IT Risk Management

Simplify processes and workflows

Fewer spreadsheets or siloed information - Centralize data and easily maintain your Application Register, Risk Register and Control Library

Faster risk assessments - Save manual calculations, automate risk scoring, and dynamically generate reports with inherent risk, residual risk, control effectiveness and other values.

Risk monitoring - Track changes and send alerts to stakeholders when there are changes in risk levels, controls or plans.

More value - Build relationships with Security, Risk and Compliance teams by gathering feedback through surveys and providing valuable visibility into key risk metrics and mitigation efforts.

  • The true architects of our business are the leadership team. We are enabling them to continue to have better data, better models, and better insights. With Ardoq, we can funnel the details and massage them into an understandable message.

    scott brooker
    Scott Brooker
    Business Architecture Director at Premier Tech
  • (Now, with Ardoq) we have a portfolio view where you basically see what applications we have, their lifecycle information, who's owning an application, and the cost.

    robert pröber
    Robert Pröber
    Manager of Cloud and Data Governance at STIHL