Reduce IT Risk

Assess, Manage and Mitigate Risk

Increase Business and IT transparency, get an enterprise-wide view of technologies and mitigate risk.

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ardoq reduce risk

Ensure Governance and Compliance

Audits, regulatory compliance, and reporting can be tricky even in the most sophisticated organization.

The rate of technology innovation is increasing, data volume growth is rising, and new regulations are continuously coming into force. At the same time, many organizations have a federated structure with fragmented processes and data sources that make it virtually impossible to keep IT governance coordinated. How do you tackle these challenges?

Ardoq centralizes key data and automates workflows enabling you to report effectively on your IT estate. Serving as the source of truth for stakeholders, you can better understand how technologies are connected, what data passes between them, and how to meet governance and compliance requirements.

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ardoq reduce risk

Improve Business and IT Transparency

Business leaders within IT, Security and compliance often see technology risks from different perspectives. They may serve separate parts of the business, be measured on different criteria and use different systems and data sources to make decisions. This leads to friction and disagreement about priorities, plans and investments.

Ardoq enables you to unite stakeholders by providing a shared view of the technology estate, and connecting technology to the wider business strategy.

Instead of having a narrow view on parts of the business, leadership teams will be able to see how business and technology fit together and where there interdependencies. That's critical to making important decisions that impact multiple parts of the business.

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ardoq reduce risk

Manage Cyber and Technology Risk

How do you anticipate and evaluate cybersecurity threats and technology risks? Are you relying on static spreadsheets to evaluate risk in fast-changing IT landscapes and share information?

Ardoq offers you ready-to-deploy risk assessment solutions and data-driven visibility into your risk posture. With updated insights into application risk levels and controls, you can better prioritize mitigation efforts, understand developments, and recommend effective remediation strategies.

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  • With the right tool, we can allocate our time differently. We can overcome the challenges in capturing, governing, and maintaining our architecture data. The goal is that we spend less time finding answers across the organization, less manual work on risk assessment or mapping out how the landscape evolves – and more time on further development, such as adapting AI for example. It’s now the fun part really starts.

    Paul Signer
    Service Architect at ETH Zurich
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