Reduce Risk

Data-Driven Risk Assessments

Increase transparency, assess technology risks, and ensure controls are in place, in a fraction of a time compared to traditional methods.

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Business and IT Transparency

People from IT, Security, and Risk and Compliance often see technology risks from different perspectives.

Ardoq enables you to unite stakeholders and automate key steps in the risk management processes including maintaining risk registers, scoring risks, preparing reports and evaluating control effectiveness.

Manage Cyber and Technology Risk

Ardoq puts risk and controls into a well-organized structure, enable Risk Owners and other stakeholders to feel confident their business has full visibility of risks, controls and mitigation plans.

Ensure Governance and Compliance

Ardoq is the ideal platform for building a risk repository, scoring risks and identifying threats that exceed tolerance levels.

It also enables you to build a control library and identify how internal control frameworks, corporate policies and regulatory or industry standards (e.g. ISO 27000, NIST Cyber Security Framework) are applied to applications and where there are gaps.


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