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Transform Your Data Into Stories That Empower Stakeholders

Bring engaging, data-driven stories to life with real-time graph-powered dashboards and reports.

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Unlock Your Data’s Full Potential With Graph-Powered Analytics

Communicate Insights Effectively

Deliver vital metrics and actionable insights through custom, context-driven, self-service dashboards and reports.

Crunch Complex Data With Lightning Speed and Precision

Leverage the power of calculated fields to effortlessly compute costs, complexity, criticality, risk, maturity, and other key metrics for any object and relationship.

Enable One-Click Visual Impact Analysis

Empower stakeholders to efficiently analyze the architecture by creating graph filters that instantly highlight relevant data subsets.

Graph-Powered Dashboards and Reports

Transform Your Data Into Engaging Stories and Communicate Insights With Impact
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Bring Your Data to Life With Real-Time Dashboards

  • Create fully customizable dashboards to give each stakeholder the insights they need to make game-changing business decisions
  • Share user-friendly, context-driven dashboards with stakeholders and enable impactful decisions at every level of your organization with Ardoq Discover
  • Access out-of-the-box best practices for quicker time to value
  • Drill down into real-time data used in reports
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Unearth Answers to Critical Questions Faster With Meaningful Reports

  • Deliver easy-to-read reports that make it quicker for stakeholders to draw insights and take action
  • Drill down in report components and visualize them in automated visualizations
  • Empower stakeholders to gain deeper insights by exploring report components in context-driven viewpoints with Ardoq Discover
  • Compile, simplify, and export reports to standard tabular reporting
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How Digitally-Forward Organizations Are Using Graph-Powered Dashboards and Reports

  • Governance
  • Project and Performance
  • Cloud Readiness
  • Security and Risk
  • Stakeholder Specific Portfolio

Graph-Powered Calculated Fields

Crunch Complex Data With Lightning Speed and Precision
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Discover New Insights In Just Seconds With Calculated Fields

  • Derive new metrics such as costs, complexity, criticality, risk, maturity, or any required metric for a given object or relationship
  • Transform qualitative feedback from surveys into calculated scores such as strategic fit or criticality
  • Leverage rollup attributes like lifecycle dates and cost for connected applications or technology
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Maximize Your Data Analysis with Full Platform Support for Calculated Fields

  • Easily use a specific calculated field value to filter all automated views and surface relevant components or references
  • Leverage the power of calculated fields in reports and dashboards to transform complex data into actionable insights
  • Mature and enrich your data with ease by gathering calculated field data from across your organization with surveys, all without requiring complex configuration or re-tooling
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How Progressive Architecture Teams Are Using Calculated Fields

  • Analyze cost distribution and attribution from infrastructure, capabilities, applications, and the organization
  • Combine crowdsourced data with calculated fields to swiftly aggregate your application landscape’s TIME rating and identify savings opportunities
  • Calculate complexity by analyzing dependencies
  • Determine residual risk by considering connected risks and mitigation
  • Use the graph to compute the data that flows between systems

Graph-Powered Filters

Enable One-Click Visual Impact Analysis
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Focus on the Data That Matters Most With Graph Filters

  • Deliver customized architecture views that cater to specific stakeholder needs by creating one-click filters
  • Make your analysis more meaningful by removing unrelated data
  • Simplify highly-connected graphs into a value stream
  • Leverage the perspective on your data that matters most
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Full Platform Support

  • Applies to any visualization
  • Can be combined with heatmaps and grouping
  • Confidently mature with complete platform support along your journey
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How Future-Ready Teams Are Using Graph Filters

  • Visualizing and communicating the business impact of outages
  • Visualizing value streams and lines of business in a connected graph
  • Improving usability and navigation by filtering away the noise
  • Creating living stakeholder presentations at scale