Bring agility and confidence to complex impact analysis with the most powerful data analytics and reporting platform in the industry.

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Confidently Empower the Right Decisions Throughout Your Digital Transformation Journey


Communicate Complex Insights

Graph Powered Reporting and Dashboards bring data to life. Communicate critical metrics and actionable insights for any use case.

Create Intelligent Attributes

Use calculated fields based on simple or complex algorithms to accurately attribute cost, risk, criticality, and maturity across any relationship and object.

Harness Automated Visualizations of Impact

Graph powered parameterized filters enable one-click impact analysis across your entire architecture that’s easy to understand and utilize in decision making.

Graph powered reporting and dashboards

Simplify Complex Insights
ardoq dashboards

Context-driven Dashboards

  • Out of the box best practices
  • Full flexibility to meet your unique needs
  • Real-time and drill-down reporting enabled
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Meaningful Reports

  • Compile, simplify and export reports to standard tabular reporting
  • Drill-down directly in-app to turn reports into actionable insights
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How Digitally-forward Organizations are Using These Reports

  • Governance Dashboards
  • Project and Performance Dashboards
  • Cloud Readiness Reports
  • Security and Risk Reports
  • Stakeholder specific portfolio dashboards

Intelligent Graph Powered Fields

Measure What Matters
calculated fields

Powerful Calculated Fields

  • Use the relationships and attributes of connected components to calculate cost, complexity, criticality, risk or any metric you deem important
  • Combine with surveys to transform qualitative input into calculated scores like strategic fit or criticality
  • Roll up attributed like lifecycle dates and cost from nested components
ardoq platform support

Full Platform Support

  • All of your heatmaps, automated views, and dashboards are supported
  • Mature and enrich your data and analysis without requiring re-tooling or configuration
  • Utilize your custom fields in surveys and presentations to ensure engagement follows your business needs
graph capabilities

How Progressive Architecture Teams are Using These Analytics

  • Cost distribution and attribution from infrastructure to capabilities
  • Multi-question surveys into Gartner TIME ratings
  • Calculating complexity by analyzing dependencies
  • Calculating Residual Risk by considering connected risks and mitigations

Graph Powered Filters

Instant and Visual Impact Analysis
ardoq graph filters

Unique Graph Filters

  • Use Parameterized Queries to create one-click filters
  • Simplify highly connected graphs into a value stream
  • Take the perspective on your data that matters most
ardoq platform support

Full Platform Support

  • Apply to any visualization
  • Combine with heatmaps and grouping
  • Confidently mature with complete platform support along your journey
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How Future-ready Teams are Sharing Their Insights

  • Visualize and communicate the business impact of outages
  • Visualize value streams and lines of business in a connected graph
  • Improve usability and navigation by filtering away the noise
  • Creating living stakeholder presentations at scale