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It is all about connections - this brings real, long-lasting value.
Connecting data, connecting teams, driving business together. No matter what, just visualize it and it all becomes clear.


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We solve your problems with New EA

Traditional EAs often struggle to deliver benefits that resonate with their stakeholders

- Data collected from a Forrester Study commissioned by Ardoq -


of EA professionals cite obstacles in their efforts to democratize operational data access


of EA pros believe flexible architectures are needed to drive business value from their EA practice over the next 2 to 3 years


of EA pros believe outputs optimized for business usersare needed to drive business value from their EA practice over the next 2 to 3 years.


of EA pros believe data automation is needed to drive business value from their EA practice over the next 2 to 3 years.

“The importance of Ardoq lies in having an accessible overview of how the Enterprise is connected - the links and dependencies between business, IT and organization. Then being able to share these insights effectively across the organization, enabling people to make smarter, better and faster decisions.”

Magnus Valmot - CEO

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Magnus Valmot
“Our technology is visionary; we are leaning towards a data-driven world focusing on Analytics and Automation. AI, NOP, graphs - all the best technologies that you are looking at - we are using them. We listen to our customers’ pain-points and deliver solutions for the new world of Ecosystem Architecture.”

Magnulf Pilskog (CIO) and Erik Bakstad (CPO) Co-founders

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Erik and Magnulf

Management Team

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Ian Stendera

Ian Stendera is VP of Customer Success and part of the Management Team at Ardoq. He has worked at Ardoq since 2015 with roles in sales, partner development, and most recently, customer success. Over the past year, Ian has worked closely with Ardoq's largest customers on GDPR projects to develop personalized compliance documentation strategies, automate analysis, and develop a foundation for all other change processes. Ian is not a lawyer, a certified DPO or Enterprise Architect, but a skillful pragmatic looking beyond the fear and hype.

Nick Peters

Nick Peters is the VP of Operations at Ardoq. His constant focus is on creating a meaningful workplace where people are appreciated for doing hard things well. Ardoq is a part of a continually evolving business ecosystem, and the role of an Operations team is to help evolve the culture, systems, processes, and people to thrive in that ecosystem.

Magnulf Pilskog

Magnulf Pilskog is Co-founder and CIO of Ardoq. He is also Co-founder of Miles, an award winning multi-national IT consultancy based on Servant Leadership principles. With over 15 years of experience as a strategic and operational technology consultant and executive manager, he has a broad skill set across all aspects of enterprise architecture and related business processes.

Magnus Valmot

As the CEO of Ardoq, Magnus is passionate about delivering tangible value, building great teams, and making a real difference to both customers as well as the people he works with.Previous work experienceHis previous work experience includes being fast-tracked to managerial position at global consulting firm PwC, where he led projects within strategy definition, process improvement, organizational development, benchmarking, and cost cutting in industries such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Defense and IT; and SVP Onboarding & Professional Services at Cxense ASA (CXENSE: Oslo).

Erik Bakstad

Erik Bakstad is Co-founder and CTO at Ardoq. Through his 10-year professional careers as developer, SaaS product architect, and technology evangelist and practitioner, he has experience from various industries including biology, banking/finance, and telecoms. Erik is recognized for his deep and broad technological experience. He is also passionate about information security and data privacy, and how these are applied to deliver operational excellence at customer experience obsessed technology companies.

Ralph Berg

With close to 10 years in technology sales, account management, and leadership roles at international SaaS successes, Ralph believes that the most important thing in scaling successful sales organisations is to focus on team work, culture, and the belief that anything is possible.

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Ardoq is Data-Driven

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We make data accessible and easy to collect



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