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New Enterprise Architecture
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We help organizations and businesses implement and execute change across their projects, strategies, processes, applications, infrastructure, and capabilities.

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Ardoq Founders

"Our technology is visionary; we are leaning towards a data-driven world focusing on Analytics and Automation.

AI, NOP, graphs - all the best technologies that you are looking at - we are using them. We listen to our customers’ pain-points and deliver solutions for the new world of Ecosystem Architecture."

Magnulf Pilskog (Co-Founder and Board Member)
and Erik Bakstad (CEO and Co-Founder)

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Management Team

Meet Our Bold, Caring, and Driven Leaders

erik bakstad ardoq

Erik Bakstad

CEO and Co-founder

Throughout his career as a developer, SaaS product architect, technology evangelist, and practitioner, Erik has led change in various industries including enterprise architecture, banking/finance, and telecom.

ian stendera ardoq

Ian Stendera

VP of Product

Ian has built teams in Ardoq across sales, marketing, customer success, and product marketing. Ian is committed to ensuring customers realize the objectives of their enterprise architecture initiatives.

sigrun nilsen rodrigues ardoq

Sigrun N. Rodrigues

VP of Marketing

Sigrun has led change initiatives and marketing teams, including Microsoft, and is keen on getting organizations to see the value created by Ardoq. Sigrun believes the best workplace is where people create value with a clear purpose, and have fun while doing it.

nick peters ardoq

Nick Peters

VP of Operations

Nick has a passionate focus on creating a meaningful workplace where people are appreciated for doing hard things well. By leading the evolution of the Ardoq culture, systems, and processes, employees and customers alike can thrive in the Ardoq ecosystem.

ralph berg ardoq

Ralph Berg

VP of Sales

Ralph believes that the most important thing in scaling successful sales organizations is to focus on teamwork and culture. Ralph is a strong believer that anything is possible.

duane kotsen ardoq

Duane Kotsen

VP of Customer Success and Transformation Services

Duane thrives on helping customers succeed and enjoys building scalable teams. He also finds the time to enjoy sports, history, and debating technology's ever-increasing effects on society. An advocate for change, he sees joining Ardoq as a way to address the overwhelming need he sees for business transformation.

bard bognoy ardoq

Bård Bognoy


Bård is experienced in leading change and growth spurts in business. Bård is passionate about new technology and the potential Ardoq has to positively impact our everyday work.

oystein ellingbo ardoq

Øystein Ellingbø

VP of Engineering

Øystein is an experienced team leader, developer, and software architect. He has a broad understanding of various industries including banking and finance, government, and insurance.