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ardoq application rationalization

Application Rationalization

Swiftly and continuously optimize your application portfolio and IT spend.

Application Portfolio Management
Business Architecture
ardoq application portfolio management TIME

Application Portfolio Management

Manage low-value systems out of your IT portfolio.

Application Portfolio Management
cloud migration management

Cloud Migration

Swifter assessment of your IT portfolio, creating optimized, data-driven recommendations for cloud migration.

Application Portfolio Management
Business Architecture
business capability modeling

Business Capability Modeling

Develop a common language for what the business does, its people, processes, and information. Establish a solid foundation for smoother collaboration between business and IT.

Business Architecture
business capability realization

Business Capability Realization

See how people, processes, information, and IT solutions are connected to your capabilities. Be empowered to identify and quantify necessary changes.

Business Architecture
Application Portfolio Management
data lineage

Data Lineage

Use enterprise data lineage to understand how and where data is being used across the organization.

Application Portfolio Management
Business Architecture
ardoq strategy to execution dashboard

Strategy to Execution

Create a solid foundation for IT and business leaders to reach strategic objectives.

Strategic Planning and Execution
application lifecycle management

Application Lifecycle Management

Gain an overview of applications and their lifecycles to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Application Portfolio Management
application integration management

Application Integration Management

Make dependencies between applications and business capabilities transparent. Better manage enterprise complexity and plan for change.

Application Portfolio Management
application hosting

Application Hosting

Identify where applications reside to maintain stability and protect against potential risks.

Application Portfolio Management
Infrastructure Technology Management
infrastructure technology lifecycle management

Infrastructure Technology Lifecycle Management

Establish a clear overview of infrastructure to enable data-driven IT management decisions.

Infrastructure Technology Management
IT Financial Management
it cost management

IT Cost Management

Gain a bird's-eye view of IT costs across the business and get insight into your spending.

Business Architecture
Strategic Planning and Execution
Application Portfolio Management
Infrastructure Technology Management
IT Financial Management
technical capability modeling and realization

Technical Capability Modeling and Realization

Define, establish, and map your organization’s technical capabilities and the applications they are dependent on.

Application Portfolio Management
Ardoq application risk model

Application Risk Management

Efficiently identify, assess and manage application risk and improve IT compliance.

Application Portfolio Management
technology portfolio management

Technology Portfolio Management

Gain insights, understand interconnections, and optimize the technologies underpinning your business.

Application Portfolio Management
Infrastructure Technology Management
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  • Joon Nebell, Digital IT Director at Reitan Convenience Joon Nebell Digital IT Director Work that would previously take four hours took ten seconds. The user experience was like going from cassette player to Spotify.
  • Robert Pröber, Manager of Cloud and Data Governance at STIHL Robert Pröber Manager of Cloud and Data Governance Our goal was to reduce the amount of effort needed to get information on our applications. It requires about a month's worth of time for one person—about €20,000—so Ardoq already pays off because we get the information in just one click.
  • Scott Brooker, Business Architecture Director at Premier Tech Scott Brooker Business Architecture Director The true architects of our business are the leadership team. We are enabling them to continue to have better data, better models, and better insights. With Ardoq, we can funnel the details and massage them into an understandable message.