Technology Portfolio Management

A Better Way to Architect Your IT Assets

Quickly gain insights, understand interconnections, and optimize the technologies underpinning your business.

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How Ardoq Supports Infrastructure and Technology Portfolio Management

Your organization may run on hundreds or thousands of technologies. They are the backbone of what you do. Be confident you are managing and developing those technologies in the best way possible with a clear view of your IT estate. Ardoq's dynamic EA repository and advanced mapping capabilities will help you navigate the complex web of interconnections and architect your business for the future.

Technology stack

Effortlessly Inventory and Maintain Your Technology Product Catalog

Maintain an updated record of the hardware and software used across the enterprise. Ardoq's surveys, automated workflows, and CMDB integrations make tracking your IT environment easy. Quickly answer key questions about your suppliers, vendor life cycles, and exposure to known vulnerabilities.

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Understand Interconnections

Ardoq enables you to link technology components and create maps showing where technology products are deployed and how they are connected. With a clear view of critical infrastructure and software dependencies, know the impact of changing each component and who you should work with to avoid costly errors.

Ardoq timeline

Track Technology Lifecycles

Technologies are continuously evolving and decaying. Some may already be at end-of-life or end-of-support. Ardoq puts technology lifecycle data at your fingertips, helping you plan your technology roadmap and prioritize investments across the enterprise.

Simplified Technology Portfolio Management Model

Identify Vulnerabilities

Ardoq offers quick and effective methods to identify vulnerabilities in your technology stack and address the issue. Should a vulnerability arise, Ardoq's graph technology helps you identify the technologies, people, and processes across your IT environment that may be impacted, enabling faster mitigation.

digital twin of an organization

Align to Standards

Do you know how much of your IT estate does not align with corporate standards? Ardoq enables you to stay on top of key questions related to standards and how they are applied across business units. Trust clear and concise reports and dashboards to help you identify exceptions and minimize risk.

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