Accelerate Your Cloud ERP Transformation with Confidence

Unleash the power of change.

Gain clear and precise insights into areas ripe for transformation using a highly automated, visually engaging, data-driven approach to understanding your enterprise architecture.

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How Ardoq Supports ERP Transformation

Congratulations, you've made one of the most critical business decisions of this decade. Complex challenges demand powerful solutions. Begin with your best foot forward with data-driven planning, dynamic future-state modeling, and agile execution. Mitigate the risk of an expensive, time-consuming ERP transformation to the cloud.


Define the Scope and Business Case

Determine the scope of your ERP transformation, whether it's exploiting new functional possibilities, increasing the use of SAP products, or simplification.

Begin with the end in mind and leverage Ardoq's Best Practice guides to structure and model transformation objectives, key results, and planned capability changes.

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Capture Your ERP "As-Is"

Swiftly get an updated overview of your ERP stack and its role in your IT landscape using Ardoq's suite of Best Practice guides. Leverage our expert-curated approaches designed to deliver reliable, effective change impact assessments.

Dynamic visualizations will help you see how your ERP stack powers business capabilities, value streams, and high-level business processes.

Migration Pathways

Determine Your Future State

Leverage the powerful roadmap capabilities of Ardoq Scenarios to model your ERP transformation's future state. Ardoq provides you with smarter, insights-focused features that help you easily simulate, compare, and analyze using collaborative data-driven visualizations.


Plan the Transition

Bring together platforms, workflows, and business processes to fuel agility, flexibility, and scalability across your organization at digital speed. Ardoq is here to make your strategy a reality by helping you identify the initiatives, architecture, teams, inter-project dependencies, and more that are necessary to make your future state a reality.

Execute. Track. Transform.

Keep your finger on the pulse of transformation. Leverage Ardoq's Strategy to Execution Best Practice guide to establish a robust foundation for achieving your strategic goals. By closely monitoring execution while maintaining agility, you'll gain access to data-driven insights that empower you to understand and adapt to changes, including potential delays and new, emerging information.

  • ERP is essential to the digital transformation process, and a well-integrated ERP can hasten and streamline the transformation process itself.

    How ERPs Help to Drive Digital Transformation in Business
    2022, Digital Doughnut
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  • "Key Nordic retailer Elkjøp, a Currys plc company, has captured the areas of responsibility for their agile product teams in Ardoq. They have done this for a complex IT environment with a significant SAP landscape, an approach that has great potential for many other organizations."

    Jason Baragry
    Chief Enterprise Architect at Ardoq