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Realize Maximum Value

With help from our team of professionals, customers have the freedom to implement our platform in a way that serves their business best.
  • Understand your needs, ambitions, and challenges
  • Match your needs with the relevant Ardoq resources
  • Ensure you learn and benefit from all product enhancements
  • Connect with other Enterprise Architecture professionals
Customer Support Get World-Class Service

Whether you are new or a more experienced customer, our technical support team is available to help you overcome any knowledge gaps or technical hurdles.

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Expert team delivering rapid response and swift handling times

Professional Services Build Lasting Capabilities

We help you set Ardoq up quickly and effectively to drive value from the platform as soon as possible.

  • Identify key business drivers and measurable outcomes
  • Get expert guidance in product configuration, use case adoption, and industry best practices
  • Get predictable outcomes through our proven methodologies and approaches
  • Engage the stakeholders across the broader organization
  • Enable teams to become self-sufficient for long-term adoption

Activation Packages

Ardoq Professional Services offer a suite of well-defined, modular packages to give you total flexibility. Get the level of assistance that is right for you.


To get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Project Kickoff and Initiation Data Sheet
Outcomes Verification /
Data Sheet Discovery and Roadmap
Data Sheet
Standard Admin User Training Data Sheet
First Standard Use Case Deployment Data Sheet

Optional Add-Ons

Support for precisely what you need.

Train-the-Trainer Enablement Data Sheet
API Training Data Sheet
Additional Standard Use Case Deployments Data Sheet
Custom Use Case Design and Configuration Data Sheet
Out-of-the-Box ServiceNow Integration Data Sheet
Integration Logical Design and Scoping Data Sheet
Project Governance Liaison Data Sheet
Additional Ad-hocConsulting Hours Data Sheet


Let us tailor a package that maximizes your success.

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  • Joon Nebell, Digital IT Director at Reitan Convenience Joon Nebell Digital IT Director Work that would previously take four hours took ten seconds. The user experience was like going from cassette player to Spotify.
  • Robert Pröber, Manager of Cloud and Data Governance at STIHL Robert Pröber Manager of Cloud and Data Governance Our goal was to reduce the amount of effort needed to get information on our applications. It requires about a month's worth of time for one person—about €20,000—so Ardoq already pays off because we get the information in just one click.
  • Scott Brooker, Business Architecture Director at Premier Tech Scott Brooker Business Architecture Director The true architects of our business are the leadership team. We are enabling them to continue to have better data, better models, and better insights. With Ardoq, we can funnel the details and massage them into an understandable message.