EA Transformation Insights: From Cost Savings to AI-Powered Innovation

12 Sep 2023

by Fabienne Zimmermann

Ardoq's Amplify webinar series is a platform for sharing the valuable insights gleaned from change initiatives across diverse organizations. We aim to explore the intricacies of planning, executing, and reflecting on change, providing attendees with actionable lessons to navigate the evolving landscape of business and technology effectively. Together with leading business innovators, we uncover real-world stories and strategies to inspire enterprise transformation and innovation journeys. 

Latest Episodes on Digital Transformation and Top EA Trends

To get quick recaps of our first three Amplify webinars, check out our blog post on Strategies and Insights for Effective Digital Enterprise Management.

Beyond Cost Savings: Prioritizing Resources to Drive Highest Value

For the fourth episode of the Amplify Webinar Series, Laurie Kelly, former VP of Marketing at Ardoq, interviewed Protiviti's Mike Lawrence, Associate Director of Technology Consulting, and Darragh O'Grady, Director of Technology Strategy and Architecture, as well as Jason Baragry, Chief Enterprise Architect at Ardoq, to talk about how to better prioritize company objectives.

They discussed the importance of traceability in the organization, how to reprioritize, and what information was critical for effective prioritization.

Prioritize Resources to Execute on the Company’s Strategy

A real and present challenge for IT is being able to prioritize resources to execute on the company’s strategy. 

It’s a delicate balancing act of many factors, some of which can come into conflict with each other, such as security vs. innovation and saving costs vs. speed and agility. However, the IT organization can help balance these factors by removing irrelevant info, improving cross-functional communication, and responding quickly for greater effectiveness. This can help organizations stay ahead of their competitors and reach their business goals.

We asked webinar attendees, “How well do people, process, and technology align to strategic objectives?” A significant 56% responded with 'Somewhat, in theory, but not in real-life.' This highlights how common the challenge in bridging the gap between strategic planning and execution is.

ardoq amplify poll results how well do people, process, and technology align to strategic objectives

The Catalysts for Effective Decision-Making

In the quest for efficient decision-making, it's crucial to take practical steps to remove the noise that often creates decision drag. By streamlining information flow, leveraging data analytics, and employing effective communication channels, organizations can cut through the clutter and focus on what truly matters. However, alignment is equally paramount; prioritizing objectives without a unified vision can lead to fragmentation and inefficiency.

Establishing a shared understanding of goals and strategies among stakeholders is essential to ensure that decisions are in sync with the overarching mission. Additionally, real-time collaboration with business stakeholders is a game-changer. Employing agile methodologies, digital platforms, and open channels of communication allows for rapid and responsive decision-making, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and, ultimately, driving successful outcomes in today's fast-paced business environment.

To learn more about how IT can effectively allocate resources to ensure that the organization’s objectives are met with maximum efficiency, watch the full session on-demand now: Beyond Cost Savings: Prioritizing Resources to Drive Highest Value

The Future Is Now: How AI Will Power EA

In the fifth episode of the Amplify Webinar Series, we were thrilled to welcome Greg Diamos, the pioneering CEO and Founder of Lamini. Ardoq's dynamic duo, Laurie Kelly, former VP of Marketing, and Melissa Mills, our Director of Product Management, joined him in this enlightening dialogue.

It was a lively discussion on the transformative role of AI in Enterprise Architecture. They shed light on how these technologies could potentially sculpt the future trajectory of your organization. 

During the webinar, we asked attendees the crucial question: "How advanced is your company's AI strategy?" ardoq amplify how ai will power ea poll resultsA company's AI strategy isn't just about implementing tools; it's a compass to guide the enterprise through the digital age, aligning AI with business goals, addressing ethics, and fostering ongoing adaptation. Assessing the organization’s position on this scale can profoundly impact its future success in today's competitive business landscape.

The Impact and Potential of AI on Enterprise Architecture

AI is revolutionizing Enterprise Architecture by enabling organizations to make data-driven, agile, and efficient decisions faster, ultimately leading to improved competitiveness and better alignment with business goals.

OpenAI's GPT Large Language Model (LLM) has ushered in a new era of AI-powered text generation, captivating audiences with its human-like capabilities. Beyond its applications in natural language understanding and generation, it's crucial to recognize how this cutting-edge technology is reshaping the landscape of Enterprise Architecture. 

In the webinar, we delved into the current state of AI and the pivotal role it plays in shaping the future of business operations. We explored the relevance of GPT and similar models for Enterprise Architecture, shedding light on how they can be harnessed to unlock deeper insights, predict emerging trends, and streamline decision-making processes. We dug into the massive transformative potential of AI in EA, and some of the exciting possibilities that the future holds for AI-driven Enterprise Architecture. 

To learn more about the transformative potential of AI in this domain, and the exciting possibilities that the future holds for AI-driven Enterprise Architecture, watch the full session on-demand now:  The Future Is Now: How AI Will Power EA

Energize Your Architecture With “New EA"

In the sixth episode of the Amplify Webinar Series, we welcomed Simon Field, Sr. Enterprise Architect, and Gar Mac Críosta, Digital Advisor, for an enlightening dialogue. Alongside Laurie Kelly, our former VP of Marketing, they explored the transformative potential of "New" Enterprise Architecture and its impact on the enterprise’s future. They delved into the components of ew EA, the effective utilization of AI in this new era of architecture, and what success looks like in that transformative landscape.

Are People Satisfied With the Current State of Enterprise Architecture?

“Only 1 in 10 executives are satisfied with the way their company manages its enterprise architecture.”
- Bain & Co (2023) 

This alarming statistic serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for innovation in the realm of Enterprise Architecture. It's high time organizations explored and implemented new EA approaches that can tailor solutions to fit their enterprise’s unique needs. By doing so, they can improve alignment with business objectives, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately, boost the perceived value of EA in the organization. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the curve with innovative EA strategies is a need-to-have not a nice-to-have for success.

During the webinar, we polled attendees on how they enlist people to help with their EA efforts and work today. Their answers indicate significant room for improvement when it comes to cross-functional collaboration:

ardoq amplify energize your architecture with new ea poll results
The Value of New Enterprise Architecture

Why are up to 76% of organizations either starting, restarting, or renewing their Enterprise Architecture efforts?

EA and the role of the enterprise architect is rapidly evolving. For EAs to empower the business to meet the challenges of the future, their Enterprise Architecture practice will need to undergo 7 fundamental changes. 

Get the updated playbook “The 7 New Rules of Enterprise Architecture” for a more powerful and effective approach to EA.

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To gain more valuable insights on how data positions your organization for growth, enhances efficiency, and secures a competitive edge, watch the full session on-demand now: Energize Your Architecture “With New EA”.

Digital Enterprise Management: An Ongoing Journey of Evolution and Innovation

The response to our Amplify Webinar Series has been fantastic. So many amazing attendees, insights, engagement, and inspiring sharing. We hope the takeaways from these sessions will help enhance and energize your digital enterprise management initiatives.

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