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Capability Modeling to Reduce Technical Debt and Optimize IT Spend

  • Proactively manages technical debt with Business Capability Modelling
  • Decision-making power
  • Identifies business process gaps
team celebrates reducing technical debt

“We don’t know how we could have done any of this without Ardoq!”

Ardoq Customer

Find a Way to Reduce Technical Debt

  • Lacked clear line of sight due to a convoluted and uncoordinated business model
  • Business capability data was stored in siloed environments, making it difficult for leaders to:

    • Make strategic decisions
    • Pivot to meet market demands
    • Fuel company agility by restructuring transformation
  • Needed native integration to Ardoq, in parallel migration to Oracle ERP, and HRIS Workday because the CMDB in ServiceNow further hindered the line of sight
  • Low or no governance on technical spending by semi-autonomous IT sub-units created business process gaps and substantial technical debt

How Ardoq Helped

Ardoq connected the "what" they do with "how" they do it by: 

  • Using Ardoq to connect “what” the company does with "how” they do it, meaning they could provide structured graphical representations of all organizational business capabilities, their relationship, and hierarchy
  • Importing their data into Ardoq using  open APIs and Excel Importer tool
  • Defined their capability taxonomy using best practices down to the level needed to make decisions
  • Meeting with stakeholders to validate the updated metamodel catalog and capabilities framework to ensure it could align IT to the business and vice versa

Key Outcomes with Ardoq

  • Have organized capabilities in a useful way, and their technology fits to their business needs 
  • Enjoy a proactive approach to managing technical debt as the architecture team uses a defined process around new application requests
  • Enterprise Architects are involved earlier in the approval process
  • Use an agreed-upon approach validated through business, creating a more unified understanding of the value architecture brings across the enterprise
Next Steps

Looking Forward

Now that the EA team has reduced technical debt, they are expanding capability modeling across the enterprise and integrating it into the project management platform. Soon they will unlock more business potential with the data they provide.
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