Why Digital Transformation Conferences Are For Anyone Involved in Change Processes

7 Sep 2021

by Leah Plotz

In the age of digital transformation, it is together as a team that the most successful innovation and change projects happen. Digital transformation conferences and online events become inspiration sources for team members who aim to make sound investment and strategic decisions. 

If it feels like the IT and business projects in your organizations are sitting collecting dust, you just may be ready to attend a digital transformation conference.  


Drive Change Within Your Organization 

Digital transformation helps your organization to adapt to changing business needs and market requirements, and increase the quality and efficiency of internal processes. It reimagines how to do business and converts mundane customer experiences into positive ones. Digital transformation helps you plan, prepare, and innovate. 

As you plan, your colleagues are more likely to dismiss or ignore your initiative if you don’t speak to their personal interests. Collaboration is key to building trust and data confidence when collecting and distributing information across the organization. However, reaching the right people and keeping them engaged means sending the right message at the right time that speaks to their specific context.

digital transformation conferences


From Order Taker to Trusted Advisor 

The business and IT world is overflowing with thought leadership and discussions about digital transformation. This is perhaps not so surprising, given that these processes and changes affect every corner of an organization. It does however become difficult to navigate and decipher what is of value to you and your organization’s goals. 

Bad habits can gain ground in any organization. Departments can develop roadblocks in understanding the issues each face on a daily basis. The IT department, in particular, becomes a sort of order taker, only hearing from others when bugs or system problems are reported. 

The Enterprise Architecture ecosystem needs a better approach, one that helps you and your organization make better and more informed business decisions. The approach should be one that improves operational efficiency, improves engagement, and encourages business innovation. 

That’s where industry experts come in. Particularly, the ones whose focus have always been on the human side of technology and business. With these thought leaders sharing their expertise, you can become that trusted advisor that your organization needs. You can help directly impact the change within your organization simply by harnessing the knowledge in your organization. 


Keep Yourself at the Forefront

Luckily, virtual events are plentiful and make it easier than ever before to access these discussions. Maybe you’re just as passionate about digital transformation as we are, and are therefore ready to hear from and engage with others. Listen, observe, and connect with your colleagues. 

We’ve collected our top five digital transformation conferences of 2021: 

1. Ardoq Tech Fest 

October 5, 2021

This free online event is perfect for CIOs, Enterprise Architects, digital and IT leaders, Heads of Digitalization, and CTOs. Basically, anyone who is actively driving change and innovation within their organizations.

It is important to stay up-to-date on digital transformation and to engage the right stakeholders by enabling data-driven decision-making, as this could directly impact your part of business growth. Armed with Ardoq, organizations can mature their EA function and see real business value fast with tried and tested models by following one of our use case journeys. The Ardoq Tech Fest will show real ways to help navigate the latest changes in technology, data, and processes. 

Ardoq Tech Fest 2021 Embracing Data-Driven Change

2. Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe – A Virtual Conference

October 11-14, 2021

A content-rich conference hosted by IRM UK, they're running four conference tracks with approximately 40 sessions, this conference will be an extensive learning experience. All sessions will be available after the conference as well. Virtual chat rooms will be available during the event to connect even from your own home office. 

3. The Gartner IT Symposium | Xpo

North America: Oct 18-21, 2021

Europe: Nov 8-11, 2021

“The World’s Most Important Gathering of CIOs and IT Executives™” is happening for markets virtually for both North America and Europe this autumn. With a tradition of having over 45,000 attendees globally, it has always been the place to connect, learn, and celebrate the strides made by the IT community in the past year. Sign up now to make sure you snag a seat. 🚀

4. Technology & Innovation North America

November 2-3, 2021

This year's theme is "Future: Unlimited." Join Forrester Analysts, 1000+ IT leaders and innovators, solution providers, and inspirational thinkers in-person at the Forrester Technology & Innovation Forum. They're also hosting in Sydney in October, and London later in November. 

5. The Second EAGE Digitalization Conference and Exhibition

February 1-3, 2022 

We couldn't resist giving a sneak peek for 2022. Specifically for the energy industry, this 2022 conference's theme is “Digitalization: Leadership, Technology, and Business of Tomorrow”. The conference will address the role of digital solutions in making operations in the energy industry more resilient, safe, and efficient. Hosted in lovely Vienna, expect talks and perspectives from outside the energy industry as well. 


Traditionally, these conferences and events have been exclusive to those who are able to attend in person. However, as more events went digital last year, many have stayed that way, making virtual gatherings an opportunity for a wider audience. We need to actively encompass all relevant stakeholders in a company, making digital transformation something any team can achieve together. Engage your stakeholders, and prepare for success. ⭐️

Leah Plotz

Leah loves a good story. As Head of Content at Ardoq, she wants to make sure she writes stories that engage and connect people across teams. After all, no organizational change is possible without quality cross-team communication....and maybe some good coffee.


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