Top Digital Transformation Conferences to Attend in 2024

31 Jan 2024

by Ardoq

In the age of digital transformation, the most successful innovation and change projects happen when they involve a whole team. In addition, learning from peers and thought leaders is crucial for expanding viewpoints and mastering the latest technologies. Digital transformation conferences and online events can become a source of inspiration for team members who want to make sound investments and strategic decisions. 

If your organization's IT and business projects seem to be sitting collecting dust, you might be ready to attend a digital transformation conference.  

Drive Change Within Your Organization 

Digital transformation helps your organization to adapt to changing business needs and market requirements and increase the quality and efficiency of internal processes. It reimagines how to do business and converts mundane customer experiences into positive ones. Digital transformation helps you plan, prepare, and innovate

As you plan, your colleagues are more likely to dismiss or ignore your initiative if you don’t speak to their personal interests. Collaboration is key to building trust and data confidence when collecting and distributing information across the organization. However, reaching and keeping the right people engaged means sending the right message at the right time that speaks to their specific context.

From Order Taker to Trusted Advisor 

The business and IT worlds are overflowing with thought leadership and discussions about digital transformation. This is perhaps not so surprising, given that these processes and changes affect every corner of an organization. It does, however, become difficult to navigate and decipher what is of value to you and your organization’s goals. 

Bad habits can gain ground in any organization. Departments can develop roadblocks in understanding the issues each faces daily. The IT department, in particular, becomes a sort of order taker, only hearing from others when bugs or system problems are reported. 

The Enterprise Architecture ecosystem needs a better approach, one that helps you and your organization make better and more informed business decisions. The approach should improve operational efficiency and engagement and encourage business innovation. 

That’s where industry experts come in. Particularly the ones whose focus has always been on the human side of technology and business. With these thought leaders sharing their expertise, you can become that trusted advisor that your organization needs. You can help directly impact the change within your organization simply by harnessing the knowledge in your organization. 

Keep Yourself at the Forefront

Conferences tend to be a space for sharing the latest trends and learnings. Maybe you’re just as passionate about digital transformation as we are and are ready to hear from and engage with others. Listen, observe, and connect with your colleagues.

2024 is shaping up to be an action-packed year for conferences, with many now taking place in person. In addition, most conferences now also offer an option to attend online, meaning many excellent opportunities to meet and share insights from industry thought leaders and change-makers from the comfort of your own screen.  

We’ve collected our top digital transformation conferences to attend in 2024: 

switchON: The Enterprise Architecture Show

Europe: 22 February 2024 (online)
Exchange Americas: 9 May 2024 (online)
Exchange Europe: 12 September 2024 (online) 
Americas: 30 October 2024 (online) 

The challenge for Enterprise Architects is continually evolving - organizations are becoming more reliant on technology to deliver competitive advantage, but how can this be delivered in a way that enables innovation? switchON will showcase how the future of Enterprise Architecture depends on the ability to engage across the organization - from an ivory tower to an empowered community. These online-only conferences allow participants to hear from industry experts and learn about the latest trends, all from the comfort of their own screen.

switchON builds and supports a community of EA professionals to discuss and solve challenges, unlock value in their organizations, and build influence among stakeholders and senior leadership. 

Business Architecture and Innovation Summit 2024

19-21 March 2024, Reston, Virginia, USA and Online

The Business Architecture Guild® and OMG® have hosted the Business Architecture Innovation Summit™ for a decade. This is the creme de la creme of events, dedicated to delivering success stories, industry advancements, key learnings, and expediting adoption across the globe. Summit sessions delve deeper into long-settled topics to focus on business architecture value in practice across business scenarios and the industry. The 2024 program will feature topics including strategy development and implementation planning, collaboration and co-creation, reference models, data and AI use cases, scaling, standards, and much more. 

switchON: The Women in Architecture Show, Women in EA

Europe: 11 April 2024 (online)
Americas: 5 September 2024 (online) 

With women making up only 12.3% of the workforce in Enterprise Architecture in the United States and often similar or lower figures globally, diversity in EA is on ongoing challenge. These special switchON events seek to be a platform for women in architecture to talk about the industry, their experiences as architects, and how to encourage greater diversity in the field. 

Women in EA will shine a light on what's causing the lack of diversity, how to create a more diverse workforce, and what more needs to be done to achieve equal representation for women in architecture roles. 

Building Business Capability Conference

15-19 April 2024, Orlando, Florida, USA

This conference takes a holistic approach to digital transformation, drawing information from the areas of people, product, data, and knowledge to weave a narrative of successful transformation.

The conference is split into various tracks and trails, showcasing knowledge from various disciplines. Topics range from people management to customer experience to mergers & acquisitions. Particular focus is placed on digital transformation and women in tech.

International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS)

28-30 April 2024, Angers, France

Researchers, engineers, and practitioners gather to discuss the advances and business applications of information systems. This year’s conference comprises six simultaneous tracks, covering different aspects of enterprise information systems applications. The conference also features two guest keynote speakers besides the discussions on submitted academic papers.

The tracks on offer are: enterprise database technology, systems integration, artificial intelligence, decision support systems, information systems analysis and specification, internet computing, electronic commerce, human factors and enterprise architecture.

Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit

14-16 May 2024, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
9-10 September 2024, London, UK

Alongside their much-respected industry reports, world-leading consultancy firm Gartner also organizes prestigious IT conferences. The Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit 2024 will bring together leading tech providers and industry peers to discuss the latest insights into application strategies, software engineering leadership, emerging technologies, and more.

The conference is designed to help delegates maximize the value of their existing application investments in the face of constantly shifting circumstances. With a keen eye on the evolution and application of AI and other emerging technologies, another key theme of the conference is optimizing the impact of new technology capabilities.

Swing by our booth in Las Vegas or London! We look forward to sparking conversations and showcasing how to bridge IT and business strategy.

Enterprise Architecture & BPM Conference Europe

3-6 June 2024, London, UK

This four-day event promises an unparalleled learning experience, bringing together Enterprise Architects from across the globe. EAs will share their experiences from various real-life case studies, providing attendees with expert insights, tips and tricks of the trade, and plenty of networking opportunities. 

Topics under discussion include optimizing customer experience, leadership & management, mitigating business risk, data integrity, business resilience, and much more.

The Digital Transformation Conference New York

Fall 2024, NYC, New York, USA 

Learn from industry experts as they share digital transformation best practice, tips to tackle common challenges, and lessons learned along the way at the annual Digital Transformation Conference. The full program is yet to be announced, but expect a range of speakers from a wealth of industries, fireside chats, workshops, panel discussions, and more. 


2-3 October 2024, ExCeL London, UK

IT decision-makers will gather for two days in London to learn about the latest "must-have" technology insights and use cases from the world's top brands and leading experts. The two-day conference will allow attendees to dive into the what, why, and how of digital transformation. 

Expect a broad array of topics under discussion, including cloud technology, networks & infrastructure, cybersecurity, and data, AI, and automation. This includes top tips on how to meet today's evolving demands and how to best prepare for what's ahead. 

Forrester Technology Forum EMEA

9-11 October 2024, London, UK

This forum from lauded analyst firm Forrester discusses how businesses can apply recent developments in technology, data, and AI to their growth strategy. The aim of the forum is to bring together topics in infrastructure, data, AI, and software engineering into coherent and collaborative strands that support innovation and growth.

The forum includes talks from external keynote speakers as well as Forrester’s own renowned analysts, several topic tracks to choose from, a series of workshops to aid learning, and a marketplace to hear about new innovations.

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2024

20-24 October 2024, Orlando, Florida, USA
4-7 November 2024, Barcelona, Spain

IT leadership and CIOs will dive deep into the technology, insights, and trends shaping the future of IT and business. Topics include accelerating business transformation, cybersecurity, customer experience, data analytics, executive leadership, and more. Expect extensive coverage on the impact of generative AI on every industry and job role. We're thrilled to be taking part in both Orlando and Barcelona again this year so don't be a stranger! We're really looking forward to great talks from industry leaders, sharing insights, and connecting with fellow digital innovators.

Keep an eye on Ardoq's event calendar for updates on more energizing and insightful digital transformation conferences, or sign up for our newsletter.

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