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Regaining Control of Costs and Capabilities With IT Cost Management

Implementation of an Application Portfolio Management tool to drive better decision-making and provide critical insights across the organization.

  • Democratized data across the IT department
  • Understood the cost impact of proposed changes
  • Managed costs and aligned business capabilities
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Incomplete Insights into Application Portfolio

  • The enterprise pursued a "best of breed" approach to application selection, resulting in interconnected and overlapping business processes between departments 
  • Without an application portfolio management tool, data was difficult to maintain and quickly became obsolete
  • Lacked overview of departmental applications, yearly recurring revenue, and processes

How Ardoq Helped

  • Co-developed a tailor-made onboarding program to ensure quick time-to-value and align expectations 
  • Used Ardoq to capture the application landscape (with Excel Importer) and other information to inform decision making 
  • Implemented Ardoq's Best Practice Guides, loaded in the sandbox, to standardize surveys and collect information
  • Defined application ownership to proactively manage usage and lifecycles, enhancing agility of their IT cost management

Key Outcomes With Ardoq

  • Understand the impact of proposed changes by conducting downstream and upstream impact analysis
  • More effective IT cost management, aligning business capabilities with clear visibility of the application portfolio across departments, owners, data, and interfaces 
  • Ease of use and data visibility means the company has been able to democratize Ardoq usage across their IT department
Next Steps

Looking Forward

After successfully implementing Ardoq and improving their approach to IT cost management, the Company is considering expanding the platform's use and adding additional functionalities, such as Ardoq Discover, to other departments to help drive usage further across the enterprise. 

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