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We needed a tool that could free ourselves from work in drawing sophisticated diagrams by actually enabling a tool that could provide those for us automatically, and that we could use to filter and fit to create views for various stakeholders, be that the CIO, the IT architect or the business process engineer.”

Jan-Fredrik Stoveland-Alfsen PwC Director

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By documenting the existing systems and documenting what the future systems will look like, you also see what impact this will have on your existing systems and what you have to do to change them.”

Jakob Breivik Grimstveit Managing Enterprise Architect & Architecture CoP Core Team Lead, Capgemini

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Our adoption of Ardoq has now been able to provide us with the visibility to look across our technology suites, our processes, and our capabilities to be able to now start identifying positive change states to improve the quality of the end user experience.”

Sean Gibson Enterprise Architect, Torvald Klaveness

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Ardoq has enabled us to see how elements connect, both in the big picture and down to the details. It has also enabled us to see the documentation from different perspectives and then different visualizations.”

Tor Håvard Wiig Senior IT Advisor, Fjordkraft

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With Ardoq you have an ability to document everything and you can put relations between everything and that’s, in fact, what a corporation with its enterprise architecture is. So enterprise architecture is about business, information, application, and infrastructure.

Lars Jørgensen Chief Digital Officer, Aera Payment & Identification

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With a tool like Ardoq, you have all of the information stored one way and you’re able to share that with anyone in the manner and form that is adaptable to the receiving audience.”

Aleksander Hakestad Chief Digital Officer, Fundu

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Your overall business goal could have a 10-year perspective but your architecture cannot because the architecture needs to adapt to new technologies, new ideas, new demands, like regulatory demands, and it cannot be locked in a 10-year perspective. It needs to be easily adaptable, it needs to be easily changed to meet these kind of challenges.”

Hung Huynh Managing Consultant/Architect, Sysco

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One of the views I use most is process flow, because you can see the whole line of different IT systems, see how they’re interconnected, and see which business process you would like to connect with each system.”

Katrine Borge Security Consultant, Capgemini

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