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New Enterprise Architecture helps a wide range of companies benefit in many different ways. Discover what our customers have to say about working with Ardoq.

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Conde Nast enterprise architecture

Watch our webinar with Paul Eddleston, Chief Architect at Condé Nast, to learn more about how he set Condé Nast's EA function up for...

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FCC enterprise architecture

FCC uses Ardoq for their cloud migration process to understand the cost and impact in their architecture

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CBS enterprise architecture

Ardoq supports a seamless connected experience for students and employees through effective change management and impact analysis

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Schibsted enterprise architecture

Ardoq provides Schibsted with data-driven insights of their infrastructure and business processes

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PWC enterprise architecture

PwC uses Ardoq to work more interactively with its customers and clients, helping to define their processes and architecture in real-time

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Capgemini enterprise architecture

Capgemini uses Ardoq to automate processes and deliver solutions at pace, finding answers and delivering value for clients

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Craigs enterprise architecture

By leveraging Ardoq’s Application Portfolio Management Best Practice, Craigs is turning their crowdsourced data into actionable insights

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Torvald Klaveness enterprise architecture

Torvald Klaveness uses Ardoq to provide visibility across its technology suites, processes, and capabilities to identify positive change

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Elkjop enterprise architecture

Ardoq is supporting the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordics toward becoming a fully equipped digital organization.

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Fjordkraft enterprise architecture

Ardoq helps Fjordkraft to connect the dots and create relationships between objects to visualize and understand complex structures

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aera enterprise architecture

Aera uses Ardoq to document how aspects of the organization fit together, build relationships and map data categories to its infrastructure

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Sysco enterprise architecture

Sysco uses Ardoq to share knowledge, improve communication, and easily create multiple visualizations around integrations and architecture

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nebraska medicine
"Really, it's about having better conversations across the business."
Audrey Honeycutt Enterprise Architect, Nebraska Medicine
Schibsted enterprise architecture
“We have been able to influence the development; Ardoq is not just building the platform from their perspective, but from our perspective.”
Rasmus Ulfsnes Enterprise Architect, Schibsted Enterprise Technology
Malmo stad enterprise architecture
"By using Ardoq, we’ll be able to make smarter decisions in the future because we know what data we have and what we need."
Anna Papagiannis Project Manager,
Local Government of Malmö, Sweden,
Department of Health and Elderly Care
Reitan Convenience enterprise architecture
"The user experience was like going from cassette player to Spotify."
Joon Nebell Digital and IT Director, Reitan Convenience Norway
Torvald Klaveness enterprise architecture
"Our adoption of Ardoq has now been able to provide us with the visibility to look across our technology suites, our processes, and our capabilities to be able to now start identifying positive change states to improve the quality of the end user experience.”
Sean Gibson Enterprise Architect, Torvald Klaveness

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