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How Schibsted Successfully Combined Multiple IT Departments

  • Improving collaboration across the company
  • Saving time with an automated overview
  • Identifying points of improvement, noting investment and seeing potential risk
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“The only thing we knew at the start of this process was that we didn’t want to do things in the classic sense of documents in Word or Visio. We needed a tool that was SaaS, web-based and flexible. We found these criteria in Ardoq.”

Rasmus Ulfsnes
Enterprise Architect at Schibsted

Making an Effective Transformation

  • Merging IT departments - Transform from a company with several IT departments with differing ways of work, to one department with several portfolios
  • No clear overview - While building their structure they needed a tool to gather, oversee, and handle all their data
  • Need for a flexible tool - To ensure alignment of their services with the company’s current position and future plans

How Ardoq Helped


Key Outcomes With Ardoq

  • Tooling that leveraged their data as it was documented to build an accurate architectural structure for them.
  • Effective support of decision-makers using the clear overview in Ardoq to identify areas to improve, invest, and see potential risk.
  • Ability to crowdsource information across the organization to gain a complete, accurate overview of governance


When Schibsted needed to transform their organization, merging their many entities into one, their several IT departments, which had different approaches to work, needed to become a single department with several portfolios.

To make this transformation, they needed a complete overview of their entire architecture and a way to track and maintain their many applications.

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