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Onboarding Process

A step towards a beautiful partnership. 
At Ardoq we are proud to have a customer-focused approach making sure we have an quick time to value with exceptional support from our team. See your organization transform quicker than ever with actionable data and insight. Start your journey today! 

6 Data-driven EA-01-1

What to Expect With Us? 



Client Support

Find support in structuring the data in Ardoq to best meet your needs



Share Best Practice

Ensure fast time to real business value with our tried and tested models



Learning Management System

Invite your wider organization to self-onboard to Ardoq

Stages of Our Onboarding Program

We work with our clients to provide the best tailored approach

Evaluation of PoC and planning of onboarding:

We strive with every new client to ensure a smooth transition from the POC to the onboarding process.

This is to help the client in continuing to build on the momentum and insight and that was gained during the POC.

Deployment of use case-specific Ardoq best practice

In the form of ready-made

  • workspace templates

  • presentations

  • surveys

  • dashboards

Using Ardoq's defined best practice as a starting point, we advise our clients on how to define the scope of their documentation so as to realize value already in the onboarding phase.

Learning Management System (LMS)

For effective training in all Ardoq functionalities:
Our online LMS ensures all categories of users can be onboarded to Ardoq effectively irrespective of geographical location and conflicting diaries.

Customization of the client's model

While using Ardoq's unique flexibility we assist our clients in tailoring our out-of-the-box templates to best reflect their needs and priorities.

This is to ensure broad engagement in their organization and value realized that is in accordance with their strategic agenda.

Realize the Full Potential of Ardoq 

The onboarding process aims to get your organization to a level of competency that allows it to utilize Ardoq's strengths.


Collaborative Features 

Delegate ownership and remove bottlenecks by involving a wider group of stakeholder to best enable live documentation.



Flexible Modelling

Work iteratively to enhance the scope and complexity of your model gradually over time as the fruit of your efforts are validated.


Tailored Visualizations of Your Data

Use filtering and formatting to configure any of the out-of-the-box visualizations to a specific use case or stakeholder.


What Our Clients Say

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Tor Håvard Wiig

Senior IT Advisor at Fjordkraft

"Ardoq has enabled us to see how elements connect, both in the big picture and down to the details. It has also enabled us to see the documentation from different perspectives and then different visualizations."


Joon Nebell

Digitalization & IT Director at Reitan Convenience Norway

 "I don't often recommend applications or solutions but Ardoq has revolutionized the way we work. I'm truly impressed by the Ardoq team for both developing and supporting this platform."

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Craig Hynds

IT-director at Trudell Medical International

“We´ve had a fantastic experience with the team. The on-boarding process was great. We´re on very different levels here, and their expertise was tailored to the audience.”

What is Ardoq? Watch it in action

We are Here to Help You 

Our Client Success Managers will support and assist you through the entire onboarding journey. Their focus is on training a core team that can drive implementation, leverage Ardoq's capabilities to support collaboration across stakeholder groups and use cases. Also to ensure good governance, so that value is realized early.