Ardoq Partner Certification Program: Enhancing Knowledge and Building Trust

8 Nov 2023

by Ardoq

Strategic alliances with partners play a pivotal role at Ardoq. These partnerships are a powerful conduit, connecting us with brands across diverse industries and geographies. Our platform is a powerful and sometimes complex product for many. To ensure that our partners are equipped with extensive knowledge about the intricacies of our platform and its value proposition, we have launched an interactive, digital Partner Certification Program.

"The Ardoq gamified training allowed us to quickly understand the tool capabilities and get up and running fast. It is an easy to follow methodology that allows a novice user to quickly become proficient. I really enjoyed the experience."
- Manuel Di Toma, Executive Director at Bruhati

What Is the Ardoq Partner Certification Program?
The program empowers our partners to assist customers effectively, enabling them to gain maximum value from the platform. It will also help foster a community of skilled professionals who can proficiently utilize the platform, ensuring everyone is set up for success. We are proud to have established partnerships with brands such as KPMG, Slalom, and Protiviti. Their consultants have mastered the Ardoq platform and its value proposition through the new digital Partner Certification Program.

"Ardoq’s certification program has been instrumental in helping me understand the core functionalities of Ardoq and how they can be leveraged to meet the needs of my prospects. The gamified simulation training platform, Attensi, was particularly helpful in allowing me to safely interact with the Ardoq application and learn its core functionalities. I highly recommend it!"
- Jose Cervero, Enterprise Architect at Bruhati


Learn more about Ardoq's partner program and how our platform helps drive scalable customer value.
Ardoq Affinity Partner Progam

"At the heart of our mission is the belief that partners should promote Ardoq with confidence. Through our Partner Certification Program, we foster a shared understanding of our product, instilling in our partners the knowledge and assurance needed to advocate for Ardoq with enthusiasm."
- Tarif Sharif, VP of Partners at Ardoq

The program aims to assist our partners in addressing queries, exploring solutions, and achieving accelerated time to value. The interactive, digital learning pathways within the certification program utilize diverse learning modalities to enhance and optimize knowledge retention. 

Participants receive a certification upon completion of the rigorous program — an acknowledgment to build confidence and instill trust in prospects and customers. Certified partners also receive a badge that can be shared seamlessly via LinkedIn or on other social media channels. Each certification remains valid for two years.

"This certification did a great job at laying a solid foundation of knowledge before challenging me with a case study to work through using the platform. I felt well prepared for all the certifications and finished with a better understanding of enterprise architecture."
- Harrison Hibbert, Solutions Designer at Bruhati

How Is the Ardoq Partner Certification Program Structured?

The program offers three distinct certification pathways:

ardoq partner certification program academy foundations practitioner professional

Ardoq Foundations Certificate
This pathway provides partners with critical knowledge to delve into Ardoq’s commercial value. Throughout the program, consultants practice how to best communicate value, product, and features to customers. Ardoq Foundations requires approximately four hours to complete.

Ardoq Practitioner Program
This in-depth pathway offers a practical and interactive overview of Ardoq’s functionalities. Consultants undergo an extensive case study in-app and are tasked with importing data, creating a meta-model, and navigating key features such as Dashboards, Broadcasts, Visualizations, and Scenarios. The Ardoq Practitioner Program requires approximately fifteen hours to complete. 

Ardoq Professional Program
This pathway is a combination of both the Foundations and Professional pathways, offering partners holistic and hands-on knowledge of the platform.

"Ardoq’s certification approach is really engaging, and it has helped me to fast-track my personal learning and application of Ardoq client project work. I found the case study assessment a key element of putting into practice Ardoq use case methods and doing real-world modelling of a typical business problem."
- Jamie Roberts, CEO at Enterprise Architects

We plan to expand the Partner education offerings in 2024. Register now to participate in the Partner Certification Program.

Ardoq Partner Certification Program

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