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How Shasta Networks Uses Ardoq to Visualize Businesses Better

Platform and Integrations Consultants Shasta Networks partners with Ardoq to drive more value for their clients.

  • Offer a holistic business overview to identify costs, risks, and impacts
  • Equip decision-makers with the knowledge they need
  • Provide coaching on organizational and technological maturity
consultant explains healthcare business insights to customer

Partnering with Ardoq means we can offer more to our customers. Thanks to the platform's functionality, we now have a holistic view of the enterprise and can identify additional opportunities for automation and systems integration.

Jacek Zagorski
Founder & CEO, Shasta Networks

Needed Healthcare Business Insights for Shasta Networks' Customers

  • Lacked critical insights into their enterprises, making it hard for them to validate information or make decisions
  • Maintained information manually in spreadsheets, resulting in time-intensive work and out-of-date data
  • Struggled to understand how their applications and business processes connected, leading to scattered data and application sprawl

How Shasta Networks Leveraged Ardoq

Connecting the 'what' they do with 'how' they do it:

  • Recognized that their clients needed an adaptive Enterprise Architecture tool that could provide critical business insights
  • Chose Ardoq as a flexible, data-driven platform to give clients a bird’s eye view of their businesses
  • Worked with Ardoq’s Partner Team to kick-start Application Portfolio Management (APM) to create a single source of truth and offer documentation enabling better-informed decisions

Key Outcomes for Shasta Networks' Customers

  • Using Ardoq, Shasta Networks helps clients work more efficiently by providing visualizations that offer a holistic overview of their business
  • Clients now have deeper insights into how systems and processes connect across their organizations, helping them make informed decisions, identify opportunities for legacy system retirement, and experience better technology integration
  • Business leaders, like the CIO or CFO, are now better equipped to demonstrate the ROI of investments across their organizations
Next Steps

Looking Forward

After successfully using Ardoq with their client PRISM Vision Group, Shasta Networks plans to start a new vertical. This will offer all of their clients the power to know their enterprise.

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