Ardoq Partner Awards: Celebrating Enterprise Architecture Excellence

22 Jan 2024

by Deborah Theseira

Strategic alliances with like-minded partners are of critical importance to us at Ardoq. Our partners are vital to advancing the strategic role of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and enabling organizations to achieve profitable transformation with our dynamic platform. Together, we are able to empower organizations to unlock scalable value through comprehensive and effective solutions. To showcase the incredible work and collaborations we have been part of in 2023, we are launching the very first Ardoq Partner Awards.

Introducing the Very First Ardoq Partner Awards

The 2023 Ardoq Partner Awards are a tribute to the remarkable dedication and achievements of our partners in Enterprise Architecture (EA).


Our partners are at the heart of our success, embodying the spirit of collaboration and innovation. They excel in enhancing customer experiences, driving measurable results, and contributing to the evolution of "next generation" EA - or what we in Ardoq have fondly referred to as New EA. Their work has resulted in groundbreaking advancements and shown us at Ardoq how far we can take our platform.

We applaud our partners for their extraordinary efforts and their critical role in charting the course of EA's future. These awards seek to recognize their achievements as benchmarks of excellence, demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to quality service and expertise.

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and express our gratitude for their outstanding commitment and enduring support. As we celebrate our collective successes in 2023, we recognize that this is just the start of a thrilling journey. I eagerly anticipate the future milestones we will achieve together.”
- Helen Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer at Ardoq

Partner Award Categories for 2023

Ardoq recognizes partners in the following categories:

Ardoq Partner of the Year, 2023 

Ardoq Partner of the Year recognizes partners who have consistently demonstrated a commitment to Ardoq’s vision and mission. Our Partners of the Year embody the true spirit of partnership, show remarkable dedication to our shared success and mutual revenue growth, consistently go above and beyond to support our joint clients, and are instrumental in helping our clients achieve measurable business results.

Congratulations to Partner of the Year recipients Slalom (North America) and Certus Solutions (APAC). 

Ardoq Innovation Partner of the Year, 2023

Innovation is at the heart of Ardoq, and this award honors partners who have pushed the boundaries of what's possible. Our Innovation Partners of the Year are trailblazers, bringing fresh ideas and cutting-edge solutions to the table, consistently seeking opportunities to evolve and enhance our products and services, epitomizing our commitment to staying at the forefront of EA innovation.

Hats off to the Innovation Partners of the Year recipients Protiviti (North America), Sopra Steria (Europe), and Cyma (APAC).

Ardoq Services Partner of the Year, 2023  

Exceptional service is the cornerstone of Ardoq and this award celebrates the partner who has set the benchmark for service excellence. Congratulations to Bruhati, our Services Partner of the Year has a proven track record of delivering outstanding support to our clients, consistently providing expert guidance, going the extra mile to solve complex challenges, and ensuring our customers get the most value from our solutions. They exemplify the dedication and expertise that sets Ardoq apart, consistently raising the bar for service quality.
two people discussing the winners of the ardoq partner awards

About the Ardoq Partner Program

Ardoq’s partner program seeks to empower like-minded digital transformation consultancies to enable their clients to make better decisions and drive scalable value. Learn more about our partner program and current partners.Ardoq Affinity Partner Progam



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