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A Single Source of Truth Provides Visibility to Bridge Business and IT

  • Clear overview the of organization for better strategic planning
  • Detailed gap analysis at their fingertips
  • Supported by high-quality analysis and architecture
  • Partnered with Accenture to accelerate transformation
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"It's not only IT but also the business side that uses this. You could say that it builds a bridge between the two."

Per-Christian Aubert
Head of Integrations and Architecture at BOS

Becoming More Flexible and Scalable

  • Rapid change in the car industry to more direct sales required the right technological support to be more flexible and scalable
  • No clear overview or single source of  truth for applications, owners, or relationships to the business capabilities and processes
  • Time-consuming process of manually updating many static documents to conduct analysis or communicate insight

How Ardoq Helped


Key Outcomes With Ardoq: A Single Source of Truth

  • Swiftly established the As-Is - Achieve this much faster with Ardoq compared to multiple hours with an alternative approach
  • Detailed gap analysis - Information and insights at their fingertips to shift processes and systems with the market
  • A single source of truth - Connecting the critical overview of the organization to where they need to be, leveraging this in top-level discussions across the business
  • Better quality analysis and architecture - Automatic, always up to date, and accessible to everyone in the organization on demand
  • More effective GDPR data processing - Other teams fully own this process, with the architecture team only needed for initial set-up

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Bertel O. Steen (BOS)

Headquartered in Norway, BOS is one of the country’s largest service and trading companies. In 2021, they had a turnover of approximately USD 2.23 billion and 2,773 full-time employees. The main group is divided into two core segments: Automotive operations and other business. 

BOS previously had no dedicated EA tool. They needed a clearer understanding of how IT was supporting the business as well as how to scale to meet seismic shifts in the automobile industry towards more direct sales. Partnering with Accenture, they set out on their biggest Enterprise Architecture project yet.

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