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Add business context to your change process by connecting systems, processes, and people

Enrich your modeling of risk, cost, and complexity with automation and company-wide engagement

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Why Ardoq is the leading tool for Business Capability Modeling


Focus on value-adding analysis with agile design by automating your data collection and visualization


Collect, validate, and share knowledge by meeting your colleagues where they work


Continuously deliver on business outcomes with architecture that readily evolves with your organization


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Learn how you can use Business Capability Modeling to confidently answer your stakeholders' questions.

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Extend Beyond Business Capability Mapping

Be ready for the future. Efficiently add more out-of-the-box best practice use cases for business-critical insight and alignment.

Ardoq Use Cases
application portfolio management

Application Portfolio Management

Manage low-value systems out of your IT portfolio

strategic planning and execution

Strategic Planning and Execution

Understand the impact and alignment of your strategy and projects across the whole business

Seeing is believing

Easily plug in your data and see how quickly you can maximize your business capabilities; today and tomorrow.

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