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Business Capability Modeling

Ardoq’s Business Capability Module, the quickest way to get an overview of your business.

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What Can I Answer With Ardoq’s Business Capability Module?

Ardoq has built a best practice for the business capability modeling use case that will give you the power to answer key business questions


What is the capability model of our organization?


What is the level of maturity and differentiation of our capabilities?


How are our capabilities implemented?


Which capabilities are at risk?


What is the associated cost and complexity for my key capabilities?


Ardoq Starts Where Other
Business Capability Tools Stop

Give up the static drawings and instead enrich your capability map by connecting it to living data. Calculate risk, cost, and complexity based on the connected systems, processes or even people. 

Map Capabilities Instantly

See how your people, processes and applications are connected

Instant Actionable Insights

Generate reports and heatmaps to identify critical areas of risk and investment

Effortless Collaboration

Utilize personalized UIs to capture data from across the organization into one platform


Ease of Data Input

Out of the box imports with tools like Excel and ServiceNow to reduce maintenance

Ensure Alignment

Quickly identify where your strategy and budget are not aligned

Utilize Industry Specific Standards

Utilize one of our growing number of out of the box capability maps


Move Fast From Data Input to Execution on New Insights

Actionable analysis to help you make smart decisions at speed


Utilize our industry-specific reference models for capabilities or use simple surveys or our excel importer to build out your own unique capability map.


Connect your capability map to your applications and people. Use calculated fields to dynamically measure things like cost and risk based on connectivity.


Generate reports or embed living presentations and dashboards to distribute your newly found insights across the organization.

Seeing is believing

Discover firsthand how Ardoq’s approach to new enterprise architecture can transform the way your organization operates.

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