Business capability mapping

Analyze your organization across layers to map your capabilities, applications, and business processes.

The new approach to business capability mapping

Gain an unprecedented understanding into which capabilities you should focus on, where you should invest/divest, and how to optimize processes.

Business Capability Mapping_Usecase to change

Ardoq starts where other
business capability tools stop

Make drawn-up sketches of your business capabilities a relic of the past. Say hi to cross-dimensional insights with effortless input of data, insight-generation, and greater collaboration.

Map capabilities instantly

See how your people, processes, and data interact

Fast execution on insights

Drive better business performance with greater agility

Effortless collaboration

Share and learn together with your organization’s domain experts


Ease of data input

Integrations and crowdsourcing mean you always get the full picture

Marginal gains

Execute with greater speed and efficiency

Focus investment

Shine a light on the areas that merit further support


Move fast from data input to execution on new insights

Actionable analysis to help you make smart decisions at speed


Create your capability map, either manually or by integrations or crowdsourcing.


Connect this map to your application portfolio or a business process to identify how to run more efficiently and reduce cost.


Present insights and discuss how to execute with other domain experts with effortless collaboration.

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