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Ardoq is the SaaS platform for digital transformation. We provide insights through interconnected, dynamic information about how your business operates. This enables you to make better decisions, change faster, and cut costs. Our customers experience significant savings from optimizing the application portfolio, improving time to value in projects, and automating analysis, documentation and governance.

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Immeasurable Benefits

digital transformation roi better decisions

Make Better Decisions, Faster

With Ardoq, the right people get the right information at the right time, meaning they can make faster, data-driven decisions.

digital transformation roi work smarter

Work Smarter Together

Ardoq provides a shared view accessible to all, helping your organization to democratize decisions and become more agile.

digital transformation roi limit risk

Limit Risk and Increase Certainty

The transparency and control that Ardoq provides mean less risk and more certainty in outcomes and timelines.


Ardoq's ROI calculator was developed based on our experiences and conversations with our customers. It provides some indications of the potential savings that Ardoq could bring to your organization at different scales and stages. Please note that aspects like your starting point, the use cases you implement, and how you use Ardoq will cause variations in results. Therefore, the ROI calculator should only be used as a rough guide to your savings. A full ROI calculation is a much more comprehensive process and would require us to evaluate all of the Ardoq services in use, your exact spending on these services, the time you have invested in additional training, and several other factors.

Ardoq Is Trusted by Digitally-Forward Companies Worldwide

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  • Robert Pröber, Manager of Cloud and Data Governance at STIHL Robert Pröber Manager of Cloud and Data Governance Our goal was to reduce the amount of effort needed to get information on our applications. It requires about a month's worth of time for one person—about €20,000—so Ardoq already pays off because we get the information in just one click.
  • Scott Brooker, Business Architecture Director at Premier Tech Scott Brooker Business Architecture Director The true architects of our business are the leadership team. We are enabling them to continue to have better data, better models, and better insights. With Ardoq, we can funnel the details and massage them into an understandable message.
  • Joon Nebell, Digital IT Director at Reitan Convenience Joon Nebell Digital IT Director Work that would previously take four hours took ten seconds. The user experience was like going from cassette player to Spotify.