Ardoq and Aztek Join Forces in Exciting New Partnership

4 Oct 2023

by Marianne Wilhelmsen

As Ardoq continue to grow we are ramping up our go-to-market efforts via solid, progressive partners. Following the announcement of Tahir Sharif as Ardoq’s new VP of Partners & Alliances, we are delighted to announce yet another new partnership with the Norwegian company Aztek. 

Aztek has a strong professional environment within enterprise architecture and assists customers in both the private and public sectors with their digital transformation journey. By using enterprise architecture, Aztek ensures an analytical and structured identification of goals and critical initiatives to realize the modernization of the application portfolio and digitization of the business's value streams. A company with a good fit for the list of Ardoq’s trusted partners, according to VP of Partners & Alliances, Tahir Sharif.

"We are very pleased to have Aztek as our partner in Norway. Aztek has shown over several years that they have a strong professional environment within enterprise architecture, they have many exciting customers and they target clients who will greatly benefit from our software. Together we are creating real value for large Norwegian businesses and we look forward to an exciting collaboration with Aztek and their customers going forward,” says Sharif.

"We have been following Ardoq for a while and I would say that Ardoq is a game changer in the field."

- Snorre Meland, CEO of Aztek

Ardoq's dynamic, data-driven solution aims to help customers succeed on their digital transformation journey. The software enables organizations and businesses to plan, execute and predict the impact of change across their people, projects, strategies, processes, applications, infrastructure and capabilities. 

"To have control and an overview of all the elements within a business, and how they affect each other, you need a good tool. With Ardoq, we and our customers get a platform that brings IT and business together. The enterprise architecture is made accessible, and by visualizing the interdependence between technology and people, barriers are broken. Updated data provides a dynamic overview and insight for better decisions. We have been following Ardoq for a while and I would say that Ardoq is a game changer in the field. It is with great pleasure that we have entered into a partnership," says Snorre Meland, CEO of Aztek.

Read more about Aztek on their website.

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Marianne Wilhelmsen Marianne Wilhelmsen Marianne is the Director of Brand and Communications at Ardoq.
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