The New Principles of Enterprise Architecture

18 Nov 2020

by Ruth Rostrup

The principles of Enterprise Architecture are changing, with progressive businesses already harnessing a better way of bridging the gap between strategy and IT. Not only providing a confident picture of where you are now but also where you need to be...for multiple potential futures.

How is Enterprise Architecture changing from a somewhat isolated IT function to the data-driven, agile, trusted source of truth?

Here, we’ll take you through how the new principles of Enterprise Architecture are changing the way business decisions are being made and how your organization can tell a more confident, successful story of the future.

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) has pretty much existed inside of a black box for anyone working outside of EA or IT teams. Understandably, many are left not confidently knowing what EA even is or how it serves their organization.

Psst! Is this you? We’ve got you. Here’s a non-EA’s introduction to what Enterprise Architecture is.

Suppose you’re an Enterprise Architect or work with business or IT architecture. In that case, you know what it’s like to find yourself inside of this black box—maybe finding yourself struggling to get sponsorship for your initiatives or getting the right data and buy-in from your stakeholders.

Knowing how to communicate the principles of Enterprise Architecture has become a critical part of the role, not only for getting your projects off the ground but getting them to succeed and bring value in new ways than before.

communicating the principles of enterprise architecture

Confidently understanding EA's principles, what it can achieve for your organization, and being able to communicate this effectively has been highlighted as a key tool for EA's in this recent Gartner report: Storytelling for Enterprise Architecture.

But what does that story look like today?

2020 has shown us that agility, flexibility, and collaboration in your business (and thus EA) has never been more critical. To serve this, the core principles of Enterprise Architecture and the scope of value it can bring is changing.

No longer a black box within the business, EA is poised to bridge the gap between business and IT, drive confident strategy-aligned decisions and prepare your organization for multiple futures.

Here’s how:

Preparing for the Future: The New Principles of Enterprise Architecture

This year, we released The New Rules of Enterprise Architecture, outlining the seven principles of Enterprise Architecture that will help future-proof your organization - updated for today’s landscape.

It comes as a timely response to businesses seeing the critical need for a confident, data-driven overview of their IT ecosystem, where to save, and where to invest. Which, to do right, is no minor task for any EA team.

new principles of enterprise architecture

But the new principles of Enterprise Architecture are about going beyond seeing your current state and (critical) foundational application rationalization and being able to get you to where your business needs to by:

🚀Getting Enterprise Architecture out beyond the EA teams and into the wider organization

🚀Aligning with the real business problems being faced today...and tomorrow

🚀Going beyond governance to strong, cross-functional collaboration

🚀Turning your data insight into action

🚀Preparing for the future using agility, automation, and flexible tooling

Progressive EA teams are already embracing the above and are able to bring about stronger success stories for the future of their organizations. 


See the other key principles of Enterprise Architecture and how “New EA” can future-proof your business with a complimentary copy of The 7 New Rules of Enterprise Architecture.

new rules of enterprise architecture

Ruth Rostrup

Ruth leads UX writing at Ardoq. Originally from England, she's spent the last six years building a name for herself in Oslo as a no-BS words nerd and advocate for delightful customer journeys - and has increased tea consumption at Ardoq HQ tenfold.

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