Ardoq Reveals Winners of the 2023 Ardoq Partner Awards

22 Jan 2024 | Ardoq Partner | Press Release

by Marianne Wilhelmsen

Ardoq's distinguished Partners have become instrumental in enabling forward-thinking enterprises globally to integrate the Ardoq Platform and navigate transformation confidently. To acknowledge these vital contributions, Ardoq today launches the Ardoq Partner Awards, recognizing its partners for their outstanding achievements and innovation in Enterprise Architecture and their unparalleled commitment to delivering quality service and expertise to joint customers.

With its remarkable growth trajectory in recent years, Ardoq has forged robust partnerships across key global regions to meet the growing demand. These strategic alliances with aligned partners are imperative for Ardoq’s mission to make its platform accessible to a diverse customer base. In 2023, the joint go-to-market efforts underscored the power of such alliances, yielding a notable surge in customer base and revenue growth. The Ardoq Partner Awards were conceived to recognize these extraordinary contributions.

“Last year, we deepened our collaborations with partners, embedding a partner-focused ethos in every aspect of our market strategy. Our partners not only inspire and engage us but also challenge and fortify us. Most importantly, they have been pivotal in empowering numerous customers to achieve their business objectives. This award is a gesture to recognize and celebrate the invaluable input of our Partners,” articulates Helen Sutton, Ardoq's Chief Revenue Officer.

The award categories – Ardoq Partner of the Year, Ardoq Innovation Partner of the Year, and Ardoq Services Partner of the Year – reflect the diversity and significance of these strategic partnerships. Altogether, seven esteemed winners from Ardoq's operational regions are being honored. Sutton expresses warm congratulations and assures that tokens of appreciation are en route to the awardees.

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and express our gratitude for their outstanding commitment and enduring support. As we celebrate our collective successes in 2023, we recognize that this is just the start of a thrilling journey. I eagerly anticipate the future milestones we will achieve together,” Sutton remarks.

Partner Award Categories and Winners for 2023

Ardoq Partner of the Year, 2023 

Ardoq Partner of the Year recognizes partners who have consistently demonstrated a commitment to Ardoq’s vision and mission. Our Partners of the Year embody the true spirit of partnership, show remarkable dedication to our shared success and mutual revenue growth, consistently go above and beyond to support our joint clients, and are instrumental in helping our clients achieve measurable business results.

Partner of the Year recipients: Slalom (North America) and Certus Solutions (APAC).

Ardoq Innovation Partner of the Year, 2023

Innovation is at the heart of Ardoq and this award honours partners who have pushed the boundaries of what's possible. Our Innovation Partners of the Year are trailblazers, bringing fresh ideas and cutting-edge solutions to the table, consistently seeking out opportunities to evolve and enhance our products and services, epitomizing our commitment to staying at the forefront of EA innovation.

Hats off to the Innovation Partners of the Year recipients Protiviti (North America), Sopra Steria (Europe) and Cyma (APAC).

Ardoq Services Partner of the Year, 2023  

Exceptional service is the cornerstone of Ardoq and this award celebrates the partner who has set the benchmark for service excellence. Congratulations to Bruhati, our Services Partner of the Year has a proven track record of delivering outstanding support to our clients, consistently providing expert guidance, going the extra mile to solve complex challenges and ensuring our customers get the most value from our solutions. They exemplify the dedication and expertise that sets Ardoq apart, consistently raising the bar for service quality.

Elevating Partner Success to New Heights

In 2023, Ardoq intensified its partner engagement strategy by welcoming a host of new partners, appointing Tahir Sharif as the new Vice President of Partners, orchestrating joint events, and introducing the comprehensive Partner Certification Program.

“Since joining Ardoq, I've been profoundly inspired by the innovation, expertise, dedication and ambition of our partners. Their unwavering commitment to helping our joint customers optimize a complex IT landscape, navigate large-scale transformation initiatives and align IT to business strategy using our platform is commendable,” articulates Tahir Sharif. 

Ardoq's expansive network of Partners encompasses Technology Partners, Systems Integrators, Consultancies, and Resellers, spanning North America, Europe, and APAC. A notable example is Slalom, a key Ardoq partner in North America. With a specialized EA practice and Ardoq as their preferred platform, Slalom actively collaborates with clients in diverse sectors such as Automotive, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail & Manufacturing, and Energy & Utilities.

Our clients are at various stages of digital transformation, and we've observed that a dynamic, adaptable platform like Ardoq is instrumental in their success. Whether they're rationalizing and modernizing their IT landscape or managing a myriad of transformation projects, Ardoq provides them with the necessary insights and clarity to make informed, strategic decisions. Looking ahead, we have high expectations and are excited about the potential of our continued partnership,” says Miranda Mason, Managing Director of Technology Strategy at Slalom.

Marianne Wilhelmsen Marianne Wilhelmsen Marianne is the Director of Brand and Communications at Ardoq.
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