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Swifter, More Effective Audits With Security Architecture

Medical organization gains a security overview, conducts audits, and manages risk with security architecture

  • Established comprehensive internal security audits while experiencing M&A growth
  • Clear overview to manage risks while identifying and prioritizing mitigation strategies
  • Documented compliance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) policies
co-workers prepare security architecture results

The team was very dedicated, it only took them three months to document their architecture, enabling them to fully understand their risk and to comply with NIST policies.

Hana Wright
Customer Services Manager, Ardoq

Have a Security Architecture Overview

  • Increased technical debt due to significant M&A growth and struggling with legacy systems
  • Needed to manage their security risk and mature their cybersecurity practice 
  • Wanted to confidently perform internal audits, identify risk areas, and prioritize remediation
  • As part of NIST compliance, they needed to implement cybersecurity framework architecture 

Prepare for the Security Audit

  • Leveraged Ardoq's Application Portfolio Management (APM) best practice to quickly document servers and applications, create a data dictionary, map processes, and built a single source of truth to document company architectures
  • Implemented the policies and controls for the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) relying heavily on Ardoq's Analytics to help them understand security gaps and risks

Implement Effective Security Management

  • Documented and matched their architecture with their NIST policies within three months
  • Can now perform thorough internal security audits which was not possible before
  • Able to successfully identify and prioritize mitigation strategies because they can now manage their risks more effectively
Next Steps

Looking Forward

With the first steps of security architecture complete, they are prepared to start planning their disaster recovery response project.
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