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Application Security Overview for Faster Cybersecurity Compliance

Public utility company builds an application overview to help them remain compliant and avoid additional costs

  • Created an up-to-date application security overview to keep insurance current
  • Completed an overview of IT's capabilities
  • Successful Human Resources Workday migration thanks to the integration data
employee works on cybersecurity compliance

Ardoq's best practice guides helped the IT team to start fast. Armed with a clear map of their organization's applications, they could provide the required documentation to their insurer, implement the Gartner TIME model, and provide complex IT and capability insights.

Hana Wright
Customer Success Manager

360 Degree IT Overview Needed for Insurer and Decision Makers

  • Needed documentation of cybersecurity measures and protocols for continued insurance coverage
  • Experienced typical public sector budget constraints and slow innovation
  • Had no clear view of the tech landscape nor the ability to align technology to strategy
  • Created a new EA function consisting of a sole architect who had the dual challenge of implementing and evangelizing EA

Achieve Cybersecurity Compliance Faster

The Head of Enterprise Architecture (EA) needed to build the utility company's EA platform and get internal stakeholder buy-in. As they implemented Ardoq's Best Practice Guides, they also launched a program to educate the company on the purpose and possibility of data-driven EA. With their modeling, they demonstrated EA's strategic direction and company-wide benefits.


Impact on Cybersecurity Compliance and Beyond

  • Because of the TIME model, Ardoq quickly gained the attention of Executive Leadership - now stakeholders often ask the head EA directly for IT complexity and capability insights  
  • Integration data has led to a roadmap for Workday (HR) migration
  • Greatly enhanced the speed of cybersecurity compliance. The head EA was able to provide the insurance company with application security data (on-prem, hosting location, etc.) in less than an hour - something that usually took a week or more, leading to a lapse in insurance and possibly higher premiums
Next Steps

Looking Forward

After making progress with socializing Ardoq and enhancing their cybersecurity compliance, the head EA has received interest in the tool from the Project Management (PM) team. As a result, incoming PM team members are now trained in Ardoq to create a stronger alignment going forward.
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