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Premier Tech: Creating Alignment for Transformation

  • Implementing clear governance for entire enterprise
  • Supporting strategic decision-making
  • Transforming views of digital change
  • Rebecca Harrisson Rebecca Harrisson
    $732M USD
    Annual Revenue
    Locations Around the World

    “At the end of the day, the true architects of our business are the leadership team. We're giving them better data, models, and insights. With Ardoq, we can funnel the details and form a clear message."

    Scott Brooker
    Business Architect at Premier Tech

    Meeting Goals, Building Trust

    • Required alignment of hundreds of application systems and processes in 28 countries
    • Needed strategic direction to support company growth and aid innovation
    • Project impact assessments involved weeks of manual research and interviews

    How Ardoq Helped


    Key Outcomes With Ardoq

    For the Enterprise Architecture team

    • Swiftly assess impact for new initiatives by beginning business impact analysis with a survey
    • Easily present data most relevant to stakeholders using Ardoq’s modeling capabilities
    • Guide strategy with up-to-date information giving immediate value 

    For the whole organization

    • Identify potential competing and siloed projects ahead of time
    • Evaluate the impact of changes and initiatives in terms of cost and time estimates
    • Connect capabilities to people and technologies for more robust business analysis

    Premier Tech

    As a global company with revenues of close to $Can 1 billion, Premier Tech needed to create alignment for the transformation of digital activities that supported its organic growth and expanded its global footprint. 

    Premier Tech wanted to create an overarching view to encourage growth, increase connection with its clients, decrease risk, and reduce the possibility of security breaches. To achieve this, they needed a complete overview of their application landscape and modeling capabilities. 

    Rebecca Harrisson Rebecca Harrisson Rebecca loves to play with words, constructing clear and concise stories. A Michigan native, she has lived in Europe working in Communications for over 20 years. Enterprise Architecture is restructuring her life, as it can your company’s.
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