Product Update Webinar: Highlights and Takeaways, March 2024

20 Mar 2024

by Diana Nechita

In the March edition of our "Product Update Webinar," Chief Product Officer Ian Stendera revealed our latest features and provided a glimpse into future enhancements of the Ardoq Platform. The session was packed with exciting updates designed to transform how you connect with your business stakeholders, manage complex architectures, and automate your work.

This year, we have three key focus areas that will be guiding our enhancement of the platform: 

1. Improve the value and impact of Enterprise Architecture by engaging non-technical users at scale

2. Enable enterprises to effectively manage federated architectures 

3. Develop the industry’s strongest ecosystem of integrations 

We also introduced new expert-guided approaches to key business problems:

Let’s dive into some of the highlights from our March Product Update Webinar and get a sneak peek at the future developments we're most excited about.

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Engaging Non-technical Users at Scale

1. Personalization and Enhanced Experience for Ardoq Discover Users

Over the last months, Ardoq Discover has had several facelifts. Two of the most notable new enhancements are ‘My Tasks’ and the ‘Connected People’ legend:

  • 'My Tasks' is designed to streamline the survey submission process for contributors, strengthening engagement with Enterprise Architecture insights. It acts as a personalized to-do list, showing all pending tasks. Administrators can boost participation by sharing a 'My Tasks' link through a survey-based broadcast, guiding stakeholders to a dedicated page in Ardoq Discover for completing their tasks efficiently.

02 - my-tasks-discover

  • The ‘Connected People’ legend makes it easier to identify the right people to collaborate with to ensure faster and more efficient communication within your organization.

03- connected-people-legend

2. Streamlined Survey Management 

We have made a series of improvements to Surveys to boost usability for survey creators and contributors alike. Highlights include:

  • Refreshed design for the survey overview page
  • Introduction of tag-type questions
  • New permission setting that allows survey creators to manage how respondents edit references
  • Advanced filtering option for parent field questions, to narrow down answer choices for survey respondents 

These updates aim to streamline the survey experience, offering better control and flexibility in crafting and responding to surveys.

3. Improved Project Lifecycle With a Revamped Timeline View 

Driving engagement revolves around clear communication of vital data, with timelines playing a key role. They are especially effective when linking strategic objectives to specific initiatives, ensuring a smooth transition from planning to action.

With this in mind, we’ve made it easier to track projects and application lifecycles through better timeline differentiation using colors and textures, conditional formatting, and adjustments to fit any time frame—daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. This makes planning and execution phases more intuitive and visually engaging.
04 - timeline-view

4. More Customization Options for Dashboards

The latest dashboard enhancements focus on improving data analysis and visualization. Features include resizable dashboard charts for better emphasis or space management, customizable order for slices and bars in Pie and Bar charts to either highlight trends or maintain original sequencing, and improved number formatting for clearer readability of large figures in Number charts. 

These updates are designed to make insights more accessible and dashboards more flexible to your needs.
05 - dashboards-enhancements

Coming Soon

Looking ahead, expect to see significant updates crafted to make the Ardoq platform experience even more intuitive and engaging. These include: 

  • A new way to access and visualize data, essential when dealing with large data sets
  • An UI overhaul and new Home Page, promising a fresh look and improved navigation to increase speed to value
  • A new visualization that allows manual control over the layout, enabling customized visual representations

Managing Federated Architectures Efficiently

In today's world, effectively and securely managing large datasets within a highly federated architecture is essential. We know that it is of critical importance when it comes to governance and security, highlighting the necessity for robust control over data changes and permissions in our platform. 

We prioritize customer data integrity and security, so these enhancements are steps towards ensuring smoother and more secure data management across even the most complex systems. These new features will help maintain data quality and integrity, and give organizations finer control over who can access data in the Ardoq organization. 

1. Improved Transparency and Control Over Your Data

Gain better visibility over data changes with these two handy additions to the platform: 

  • The new audit log is designed to provide an overview of all modifications across workspaces – from components and references to types and workspace properties. It enables users to discover the 'who,' 'what,' and 'when' of changes, understand their impact, and revert them in just one click. 

06 - audit_log

  • With the Survey response log admins can easily track changes made to the fields of survey components, and the creation and deletion of components, along with who made these changes and when.

07 - survey_response_log

2. More Granular Control Over Who Can Access Your Data

Over the past year, we've enhanced our platform to offer you a more flexible and customizable access system, breaking away from a rigid access model. With the introduction of Privileges, platform admins now have fine-grained access control that allows for the separation and delegation of admin responsibilities. This ensures that no single user has too much access or control, reducing the risk of internal threats and maintaining the integrity of the access control system.

We’ve also made it a lot easier for everyone to request access to the assets they need and for asset owners to grant the right permissions when receiving access requests.

08 - notification_centerComing Soon

Throughout the remainder of 2024, we're dedicated to further refining this work and introducing new capabilities including: 

  • A survey approval workflow that allows survey creators to effortlessly approve and manage component changes, creations, and deletions before they go into production.
  • A new permission model that gives admins field level granularity in the permission model. This means being able to share slices of workspace data with specific users while safeguarding confidential information within the workspace.

Building a Leading Integration Ecosystem

Sleeker Excel and ServiceNow Integrations to Streamline Workflows

Our redesigned Excel and ServiceNow integrations now offer a cleaner, more intuitive interface, making your data work for you more efficiently. Experience seamless tabular column mapping that aligns with your data structure for clearer insights. 

Coming Soon

Over the next few months, look forward to a consistent redesign and enhanced functionality across all our integrations, aiming for a seamless and uniform user experience.  

We are also introducing a new Jira Software integration to streamline strategy to execution efforts. Import projects, epics, and tasks directly into Ardoq to boost project oversight and ensure strategic alignment. This integration enables you to connect initiatives with business objectives, establish clear initiative ownership, and evaluate the resources dedicated to your key projects, optimizing your planning and execution processes for better results.

Solutions: Best Practice, Expert-Guided Approaches To Solving Key Business Problems

Process Playbook: Automate Application Ownership

This quarter, we released an Application Ownership Playbook that provides detailed guidance on how to simplify, improve, and automate the application ownership process. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure and run it “out of the box”, and additional ways to customize the process, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your organization's unique operational style and needs.

Technology Portfolio Management With IT-Pedia

Designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your technology ecosystem, including the interrelationships within your tech stack, insights into vendors/suppliers, technology lifecycles, and potential vulnerabilities.

Coming Soon

We have more exciting solutions coming down the pipeline: 

  • Application Risk: Focused on empowering IT leaders and their teams. This new solution will allow Enterprise Architects to bring added value by efficiently navigating the application risk landscape, enhancing IT compliance, and offering stakeholders a transparent view of risks, controls, and mitigation strategies.

You can also look forward to innovative AI initiatives in our roadmap that promise to streamline workflows, allowing you to model faster and deliver greater value to your organization.

If you're new to the Ardoq platform and intrigued to know more, get in touch for a demo.
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