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Import data into Ardoq and build data-driven stories with real-time graph-powered dashboards and visualizations.

Discover how you can move from siloed to connected architecture.

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Translate Data Into Actionable Insights

By importing your spreadsheets into Ardoq using Excel, you can effortlessly transition from rows of raw data to a comprehensive visual representation of your organization's architecture.

ardoq excel integration

Visualizing your data simplifies complex data structures and allows you to pinpoint inefficiencies quickly, recognize patterns, and make informed decisions.

Instead of getting caught up in cells and columns, you can harness Ardoq's capabilities to derive actionable insights, driving smarter strategies and ensuring more robust outcomes.

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Transform Raw Data Into Engaging Stories

Ardoq's Excel integration offers you a seamless way to transform static data into dynamic narratives.

By easily importing spreadsheet data, you can harness the power of Ardoq to craft compelling visual stories. Quickly visualize the imported data and provide stakeholders with actionable insights.

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From Static to Dynamic Architecture

Seamlessly transition from static Excel data to dynamic visualizations, revealing intricate interdependencies. Dive deep into an interactive view of your entire architectural landscape, enabling you to pinpoint bottlenecks, seize opportunities, and identify dependencies.

By bridging the gap between Excel's familiarity and Ardoq's adaptability, you gain a strong understanding of your organization's structure, positioning your teams to make confident, strategic decisions for an ever-evolving enterprise architecture.

ardoq excel importer autoconfigure

Auto Configure Data Mapping

Streamline Excel data imports by intelligently suggesting configurations for columns, sheets, or the entire file. With scored column mapping based on metadata, you can reduce manual errors and save time.

This ensures faster, more accurate data import into Ardoq, allowing you to prioritize strategic tasks over tedious data configuration.


  • We now see better how our applications can support the business and we have the tool to visualize this to the business side. We can have that map to plan the business around understanding where we are today.

    per-christian aubert
    Per-Christian Aubert
    Head of Integrations and Architecture at Bertel O. Steen AS
  • Our goal was to reduce the amount of effort needed to get information on our applications. It requires about a month's worth of time for one person—about €20,000—so Ardoq already pays off because we get the information in just one click.

    robert pröber
    Robert Pröber
    Manager of Cloud and Data Governance at Stihl