Remove the complexities and remain compliant at all times.

The data-driven approach to compliance

Effortlessly uncover gaps and use KPIs to measure progress for all your services and systems that process personal data.


Regulatory readiness without the stress

Take the hassle out of audits with auto-generated GDPR compliance templates.

Be audit ready

Convenient compliance templates so you’re always prepared

Compliance KPIs

Measure your progress and identify areas for improvement

Automated records

To quickly and easily demonstrate compliance


Time to add value

Spend less time worrying about data, and more time making use of it

Remove doubt

Demonstrate the legal basis for collecting and using personal data

Ongoing compliance

Future-proof your activities and programs


GDPR best practice and advice

Work with your eyes open at all times.

A continuous journey

GDPR is here to stay, so you need a governance tool to map out the future landscape.

Transparency is key

Always be honest with customers about how you collect, store, and use their data.

Optimize operations

Analyzing data isn’t a burden, but a way to harness new insights and improve agility.

“Ardoq has enabled us to see how elements connect, both in the big picture and down to the details. It has also enabled us to see the documentation from different perspectives and then different visualizations.”

Tor Håvard Wiig Senior IT Advisor, Fjordkraft


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