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Ardoq Use Cases

The industry-leading platform for getting actionable insight about your business. All use cases leverage and enrich the same graph data set, allowing for better and faster insights.


Application Portfolio Management

Manage cost, health, and dependencies of all applications to optimize IT spend. Uncover application bottlenecks to increase efficiency and drive greater business value.

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Business Capability Modeling

Put the right resources to the right work at the right time. Measure how well your company’s unique capabilities are realized and take immediate action on insights.

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Strategic Execution and Alignment

Are your projects and strategy aligned? Ardoq’s collaborative platform visualizes the alignment of your strategic initiatives and helps you better manage resources and timelines.

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Business Process Modeling

Understanding how your business operates is the first step to any change process. Map, connect and analyze how your business processes are supporting key capabilities or dependent on technology, people and data.

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Ideation and Innovation

Connecting your innovation efforts to your architecture better supports strategic decisions based on the understanding of the impact across your organization.

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DataFlow and Integrations

Get an overview of your integration architecture by utilizing automation and collaboration across your IT organization

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