Ardoq Expands to Spearhead Digital Transformation in Asia-Pacific

13 Nov 2023 | Ardoq News

by Marianne Wilhelmsen

Ardoq fortifies its presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region as progressive enterprises seek a visionary EA platform. With substantial momentum amongst prospects and customers, partners are imperative for further growth.

The APAC ecosystem is increasingly recognizing the need for modern, robust architecture solutions. Ardoq’s industry-leading platform is well-positioned to address the demand with the new enterprise architecture (EA) offering. With a history of challenging conventions, Ardoq aims to connect business and IT, giving confidence to customers like British Telecom, ExxonMobil and Asahi as they journey through digital transformation. 

Ardoq’s current partners are the lifeblood of the organization in the region and work closely with the Ardoq team to deliver services to some of the largest customers in key industries such as financial services, government, and retail. With partners like NEC, Willtures, Cyma, Certus, IM Systems, Astrakhan, Protiviti and Atarix, Ardoq wants to empower customers to achieve real business value.

“Ardoq is rethinking the old ways of working in EA with a new progressive approach, empowering enterprises to succeed on their digital transformation journeys. The remarkable traction we’ve experienced is just the tip of the iceberg. We are committed to making this region and our partners successful,” says Shreya Srinivas, Partner Account Manager at Ardoq. 

Tahir Sharif, VP of Partners, emphasizes the importance of Ardoq’s Partners in the region.

"Our partners are not just collaborators; they're our trusted advisors, bringing their expertise and insights into the local market. Their role is crucial to our and our customers’ success and growth in the region, as they share our vision and commitment to collaborating on opportunities,” Sharif says and continues: “Their presence and network, combined with our outstanding product, create a fantastic foundation."

“Ardoq to me is the ultimate business collaboration tool."

- Will Chapman, Director at Willtures

Will Chapman, Director at Willtures, one of Ardoq’s trusted partners in the region, is equally enthusiastic about the future. 

“Ardoq to me is the ultimate business collaboration tool. It serves as its digital twin, enabling everyone to actively participate in defining the organization's operations, future direction, and the necessary changes along the journey. It truly democratizes organizational data, making data-driven decision-making become a reality,” Chapman says.

Ardoq in Action: Community Exchange right around the corner

This November, Ardoq is arranging community exchange events in both Sydney and Melbourne, enabling knowledge sharing among customers, partners and potential customers. The program varies depending on location, but both places it consists of talks, roundtable discussions and arenas for networking and informal conversations. In addition to Ardoq customers and leading practitioners giving insight into their practical experiences of driving business impact, Ardoq’s Chief Enterprise Architect, Jason Baragry, will also speak at both events.

“We want to bring the EA community together and give them the opportunity to connect with like minded practitioners. We have had similar events in both London and Zurich with great turnout and feedback, now we are looking forward to bringing the recipe of success to the APAC region as well,“says Shreya Srinivas.

“Events like these are just as valuable for us at Ardoq as they are for the customers. Our platform will never be a finished product, and input from customers using it on a daily basis is of course very important for us and our product development."

- Shreya Srinivas, Partner Account Manager at Ardoq

Although the attendees may be in different industries, all complex organizations tend to face many of the same challenges. Their stories will take center stage at the event to create a collaborative space for discussion and mutual learning.

“Events like these are just as valuable for us at Ardoq as they are for the customers. Our platform will never be a finished product, and input from customers using it on a daily basis is of course very important for us and our product development,” Srinivas states.

If you want to join one of the events, please reach out to your contact person in Ardoq.

Marianne Wilhelmsen Marianne Wilhelmsen Marianne is the Director of Brand and Communications at Ardoq.
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