Mark Your Calendars: Ardoq's Grand Shift to New Headquarters in May 2024

17 Nov 2023 | Ardoq News

by Marianne Wilhelmsen

Ardoq’s new HQ is a six floor building, currently being referred to as one of Norway's most ambitious conversion projects. “This will be a place we can be proud to have as our headquarters,” says CEO of Ardoq, Erik Bakstad.

Ardoq was founded ten years ago, and has in recent years grown at a high pace. Today, the over 200 employees work from offices in Oslo, Copenhagen, London and New York. In 2022, Ardoq carried out a funding round and has since then almost doubled the number of employees. After outgrowing the premises at SHARE by Akershus Fortress, their search for new offices resulted in a long-term lease in one of Oslo's most exciting construction projects.

“Moving to Grensen 9B is without a doubt a big investment for us. We expect strong growth in the upcoming years and need premises with room to expand the workforce further. We value flexibility highly at Ardoq, but at the same time also want the new office premises to be exciting and contribute to employees wanting to be more physically present. Ardoq is a challenger in its field, so it is fitting that the new premises also push the boundaries in sustainable building projects,” Bakstad says.

Illustrasjon av Grensen 9B krediteres Mad Arkitekter og SaneThe nearly 3,500 square meter building in the middle of Oslo city center is undergoing massive changes these days in order to get ready for May. It will be certified according to BREEAM-NOR Very Good, which shows that sustainability considerations are central to all aspects. The reuse rehabilitation also follows FutureBuilt's criteria for circular buildings, including re-use of lighting, insulation, cable ducts and glass bricks, to name a few. Furthermore, the property will also get more energy-efficient solutions such as district heating and heat pumps, which alone results in more than halving energy consumption. 

The green profile suits Ardoq very well according to COO of Ardoq, Nick Peters.

“We wanted new premises that were spacious and modern, and of course functional - but it was also important that they fit with our culture and the kind of company we are and want to be."

- Nick Peters, COO at Ardoq

“We wanted new premises that were spacious and modern, and of course functional - but it was also important that they fit with our culture and the kind of company we are and want to be. When we were presented with Grensen 9B, the project clearly stood out with their forward-leaning approach to rehabilitation. The green shift will not happen by itself, and in addition to providing a software platform that helps businesses to achieve change, we are happy that our new HQ contributes to positive environmental change. Hopefully, this project can inspire people to think more about reuse within real estate,” says Peters.

A Prime Spot for Hosting Gatherings

The building from 1978 consists of six floors in addition to two levels below ground. The premises are very well suited for gathering people for various types of events.

“Throughout our time at SHARE in Oslo, we have seen how important good arenas are for networking, and we hope that our new premises can host events that encourage learning, social connections, and development. We look forward to inviting our friends, customers and partners to the grand opening sometime next year,” Peters concludes.

In December, Ardoq will be moving into a temporary office space at Aker Brygge pending completion of Grensen 9B. 

Marianne Wilhelmsen Marianne Wilhelmsen Marianne is the Director of Brand and Communications at Ardoq.
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