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UMCG: Strategic Decision-Making at Stakeholders’ Fingertips

  • Building common language and cooperation
  • Making quality decisions from quality data
  • Breaking down silos for better collaboration
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“One of the biggest advantages of Ardoq - it has less architectural rigidity and dogmatics. We actually edit concepts from the business.”

Jan-Joost van Walsum
Lead Enterprise Architect at University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)

Supporting Business Change

  • Business stakeholders and Enterprise Architects spoke a different language, making alignment over strategic decision-making challenging
  • Needed a new way to define departments that gave more scope than business function
  • No common program within the architecture practice
  • Lacked a method to share patient information regionally

How Ardoq Helped

Out-of-the-box Business Capability Modeling

  • Helped define departments strategically, by capability rather than business function
  • Identified and managed current and future state gaps 
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to build connections and communication within and between departments

Visualizations and Presentations 

  • All views are automatically updated
  • Identified key visualizations for use in a variety of Presentations to aid stakeholder understanding

Developed their As-Is using Automation

  • Gave the team more time to focus on strategic planning instead of data import

Key Outcomes With Ardoq

For the whole organization:

  • Better data enabled better strategic decision-making
  • Minimized lead time in decisions
  • Providing medical care with thorough medical history
  • Improved internal communication as shared capabilities are more clearly understood and executed

For the Enterprise Architecture team:

  • Saved time by easily adapting visualizations to give each stakeholder a unique story 
  • Used business capabilities to drive value, highlighting strategic focus areas
  • Delivered value by helping stakeholders see and plan with their capabilities 
  • Used naming protocols and convention to develop a common language

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University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)

Located in the center of Groningen, UMCG provides tertiary care to the Northern part of the Netherlands.

As UMCG grew, the gap between IT and business increased. They had several challenges:
  • Lacking a common language between stakeholders and the Enterprise Architecture team
  • Missing a common program and full stack visualization
  • Needing a roadmap to show the future state and map out a sustainable transformation journey to reach it

To solve these and other changes they set out on a journey with Ardoq.

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