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Cost Rationalization and Executing A Smooth Relocation

For a national European broadcaster to move locations, multiple video and sound studios and all physical equipment needed to be relocated while keeping the station on the air.

  • Needed a repository overview to orchestrate the move to a new location
  • Lacked the data necessary for a financial analysis of the production platform
  • Wanted the ability to run scenarios to map possible post-move studio outcomes
application portfolio management solutions allow the studio to function well

"By adapting Ardoq to meet their needs, the organization could gain a complete overview of each studio's equipment and software. Then, they could plan a well-organized move to their new locations, even mapping out possible scenarios."

Krishan Thangavadivel
Customer Success Manager, Ardoq

Planning an Effective Relocation

Moving the headquarters and a local station entails transporting many components, is a very complex landscape of physical production equipment, including servers. In order to plan the new location, the Enterprise Architecture (EA) team had to know their current assets.

They needed an overview of:
    • Physical components
    • Software
    • Physical location of application hosting
Beyond the move, the team:

    • Transitioned from analog to digital production and modernized the production platform
    • Implemented cost rationalization to ensure the changes stayed within budget

Gathering Information and Knowledge for Cost Rationalization

"The employees have a lot of tacit institutional knowledge. Ardoq helps making that information more explicit, so they can base decisions on objective, specific information, documented using Surveys and Broadcasts.  Now have a workflow in place to gather the knowledge they need when they need it."


- Krishan Thangavadivel, Ardoq


Supporting Decision Makers

With their overview of the physical infrastructure and physical assets as well as software-related assets, the organization can convey the complexity of the technology landscape to external consultants and decision-making stakeholders. They now have: 

  • A complete repository of production equipment and software
  • A map of physical spaces, ensuring room for all the production equipment with As-is and To-be views of pre- and post-move studios
  • A data source for financial planning with break-even analysis of the production platform and its constituent parts
  • Saved costs by closing out old applications and triggering the RFP processes as they mapped applications
Next Steps

Looking Forward

Now that they have a solid application portfolio management solution, the EA team continues to map and support the moving process, working towards better governance using application rationalization.
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