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Improved Transparency With a Complete Application Landscape Overview

This leading provider of laboratory services and research got control of their application landscape

  • Used their complete overview to help decision makers
  • Involved and engaged stakeholders who are eager to use data in decision making
  • Reached value quickly using Best Practice Guides
Knowing the application landscape helps the testing run smoothly
30,000 +

I am impressed by how the organization has adopted Ardoq. The EA Team saw incredibly high usage of the Broadcasts feature. People normally not involved in IT are now contacting the team to find out how to use it in their everyday work.

Jad Issa
Customer Sucess Manager, Ardoq

Understand Their Inventory

  • Constant global mergers and acquisitions meant offices and countries operated in silos
  • Needed to catalog their application landscape across 36 countries in order to:
    • Improve global application management
    • Establish transparency
    • Support rationalization discussions
    • Find areas for improvement
  • Suffered a decline in internal stakeholder engagement, e.g., response percentages to surveys and no clarity on value of the data being captured

How Ardoq Helped: A Clear Overview of Their Application Landscape

  • Started with Best Practice Guides to reach value quickly
  • Restarted the onboarding process with the new Head of Enterprise Architecture (EA) to build their skill set and knowledge
  • Helped the EA team develop a continuous line of communication, and built a strong long-term partnership with Ardoq
  • Built a strong team and EA strategy with active support from Ardoq’s onboarding and EA specialists

High Engagement for Better Decision Making

  • Almost immediately gained the power to view their entire IT infrastructure and application landscape
  • High user uptake means everyone can access information for better decision making
  • Stakeholders see the strength and value in the Broadcasts function, and even request to learn more about how to utilize it
Next Steps

Establishing Their Future Roadmap

Now that the EA team has an as-is overview of the application landscape, the team can establish their future roadmap for the enterprise.  In the long term, they are looking into using Ardoq's Professional Services team and Discover feature to alleviate many of their current internal issues and bottlenecks.  

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