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Digitalization and Dynamic Insights to Guide Organizational Strategy

  • Better quality, secure data for decision-makers
  • Quickly selecting projects to fund support based on data
  • Capturing knowledge and creating data structure
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“I’m able to build visualizations for the Hospital’s Vice President, who can go to discussions armed with data.
This enables higher-level executives to make good decisions without needing to know all the details. That is the value I provide.”

Audrey Honeycutt
Enterprise Architect at Nebraska Medicine

Enabling Focus on Prioritization

  • Lack of automation - Manually compiling organizational data generated security and resource concerns

  • Missing application overview -  No perspective for tracking critical business KPIs

  • Bottlenecks - Slow selection process for project funding and identifying critical projects


How Ardoq Helped

  • Surveys to create a single "source of truth": Application information from many individual contributors can be kept up to date in Ardoq securely 
  • Dashboards to monitor and keep application owners accountable for keeping data updated
  • Calculated fields and dynamic visualizations provide actionable insights into application value and business impact
  • Discover to engage the broader organization with data that is up-to-date and accessible to stakeholders across the business

Key Outcomes With Ardoq

  • Better quality, detailed, and secure data for decision-makers to guide organizational strategy
  • Easily structured and captured knowledge using Ardoq’s flexibility
  • Quickly supported projects with business-critical information, knowing which areas to engage based on data
  • Improved collaboration between Enterprise, IT and Solution Architects, application owners, business owners, IT operations, and clinical program chiefs

Nebraska Medicine

Nebraska state’s largest hospital, Nebraska Medicine, is one of the top 100 hospitals in the United States. It is internationally recognized for breakthroughs in cancer care, organ transplantation, and the treatment of infectious diseases. Their mission is to create a healthy future for all individuals through innovative research and extraordinary patient care. Their Enterprise Architecture team has been instrumental in bringing this mission to life.

Their system has many different niches: clinical labs, infrastructure, and 600 documented applications. The IT department bridges the gaps and creates an overview, bringing everything together from an IT architectural perspective.

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