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Data-Driven EA Eases Management of Application Ownership

  • Establishing a comprehensive and dynamic overview with clear application ownership
  • Maturing into a cross-functional EA team for all business areas
  • Utilizing automation and agile tooling
100 years
serving New Zealanders
New Zealand owned and operated

"From interviewing stakeholders, common but surprising themes like a lack of true ownership come up."

Tom Nelson
Principal Architect at Foodstuffs

Gaining An Overview of a Vast Operation

  • No clear overview of roles - Lots of overlap across hundreds of employees in the IT organization alone created challenges for planning change

  • Lack of application ownership - Sprawling organization made it hard to assign ownership and create a single source of truth

  • Legacy industry - A physical product going from hand to hand creates challenges for keeping costs down

  • Strategic focus -  Needed to drive strategic conversations about capabilities


How Ardoq Helped

  • Out-of-the-box guide for Application Portfolio Management (APM) to quickly outline their As-Is state and get a clear understanding of application ownership
  • Automation and agile tooling helped to develop a cross-functional EA team serving all areas of the business
  • Visualizations to effectively socialize insights and data with the rest of the organization


"We can provide services (e.g., roadmapping) by leveraging automation and tooling that allows us to do this easily without sinking a lot of time."

Tom Nelson



Key Outcomes With Ardoq

For the whole organization:

  • Quick time-to-value, with key application ownership insights to involve the right people from the very start of a change project

  • Successfully driving engagement with visual data, telling informed stories to key stakeholders
  • Deeper, data-driven customer insights help build the product knowledge base, meaning a more tailored customer experience

For the Enterprise Architects:

  • Dynamic data-driven EA that is both flexible and automated

  • EA team that is primed to be more cross-functional with a rolling focus across the whole organization
  • The value of EA data is now better understood across the business


Foodstuffs is New Zealand's largest retail grocery organization. Split into 2 entities, Foodstuffs North Island Ltd and Foodstuffs South Island Ltd, all 700+ stores are owned and operated by local grocers.

Alongside its iconic retail brands, the organization also owns full logistics chains, trucking companies, warehouses, and more. 

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