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A Large UK Government Agency: Enhanced Enterprise Portfolio Management

  • A single source of truth
  • Delivering large-scale transformation
  • Aligning strategy to execution
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Transformation Program

"A tool like Ardoq that enables us to reduce our huge dependency on isolated data is pretty critical to the successful running of any enterprise, especially when going through a large transformation project like we are."

Chief Technology Officer

Driving Large-Scale Transformation

  • High data risk due to disconnected, single-use data of varying quality hosted in different physical locations
  • Lacked an architectural tool which made it difficult to validate data
  • High data complexity and application sprawl

How Ardoq Helped


Key Outcomes With Ardoq

  • Quicker, more-informed decision-making and improved governance  leveraging a single source of truth that delivers live, accessible data
  • Reduced risk and strengthened security processes using insights from their APM implementation
  • True crowdsourcing as staff are empowered to contribute and maintain their data
  • Valuable time and resources saved as just one primary Ardoq admin is needed to oversee the metamodel
  • Enhanced enterprise portfolio management by connecting its strategic plan to its applications
Next Steps

Looking Forward

The team is working towards establishing a full digital twin of the organization (DTO) to better connect their strategic plan to their developer team’s work. This crucial connection will help build confidence and insight into their strategic intent without needing to spend time manually validating information.

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