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Prioritization Enables EA Team to Drive Digital Transformation

  • Rapidly extracted data gives managers valuable insights
  • Completed 99% of Application Portfolio Management use case
  • Are the single source of truth for entire company
Examining product improved by driving digital transformation
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Vice President, Digital R&D

Driving Digital Transformation With Enterprise Management

  • New executives set up a charter for enterprise effectiveness practices because their historic EA function (primarily Visio) proved ineffective 
  • Needed insights into prioritization of projects during a digital transformation within four major initiatives simultaneously (e.g., consolidating 46 entities; machine learning, AI, digital eCommerce, etc.)
  • Compliance with new Security Contractors Certificate (SCC) regulation required revisiting all of their business processes capabilities and anything new in the capabilities stack

How Ardoq Helped

  • Conducted Application Portfolio Management to help them understand the technical landscape and business capabilities
  • Populated the architecture landscape using the ServiceNow CMDB connector to map the domains
  • Beyond documentation, the team focused on the business needs to populate the database
  • Enabled Power BI with Ardoq’s APIs to create dashboards and meaningful business insights for internal stakeholders
  • Ardoq’s graph database helped the customer to distill insights more efficiently than competing tools, driving digital transformation and engagement more effectively

Key Outcomes With Ardoq

  • Using Ardoq to extract insights rapidly has increased the perceived value of the EA team's efforts. They have become the “go-to” team for Application Portfolio Management (APM) and are key to driving digital transformation in the enterprise.
  • Ardoq has become the single source of truth for all EA, and all Visio diagrams are being sunsetted
  • After completing 99% of their Application Portfolio Management (APM) efforts  in less than a year, they're now mapping additional architecture areas (e.g. security) 
Next Steps

Looking Forward

With APM complete, the company can now conduct Business Processes Mapping Notation (BPMN). They'll continue driving digital transformation by adding reference architecture in Ardoq.

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