Streamline Technical Debt Management with Ardoq's New Smart Solution

2 Jul 2024

by Cynthia Kristensen

The new out-of-the-box solution provides organizations with the tools and techniques to identify, quantify, prioritize, and address technical debt across their IT estate. 

Ardoq’s Technical Debt Management solution is designed to help CIOs, CTOs, IT leaders, and enterprise architects overcome some of the biggest challenges related to measuring and managing technical debt, including:

  • Sprawling and poorly documented IT portfolio.
  • Hidden or unresolved technical debt.
  • Difficulty understanding the scope and impact of the issue.
  • Uncertainty about resources prioritization and remediation efforts.
  • Lack of alignment to systems and software quality standards (e.g., ISO 25010).

Get Ahead of Technical Debt

“Not all technical debt is bad, but if left unaddressed, it becomes a drag on the resources and agility of the entire organization,” says Simon Field, Senior Enterprise Architect at Ardoq. “Many organizations struggle to measure technical debt and understand its impact on costs, performance, scalability, and adaptability. Our goal is to provide an easy solution so they can win the battle against tech debt and set the stage for long-term success.“

Critical questions businesses can answer with this solution include:

  • Where do we have technical debt?
  • What is the cost of living with the debt and the cost of remediation?
  • What debt items should we address now?
  • What debt items can be ignored?
  • What is the impact of a severe incident associated with the debt?
  • How quickly are we reducing our technical debt?
  • What actions are agreed upon to address technical debt and who is responsible?

Prioritize, Quantify and Address High-Risk Debt Items

This solution extends Ardoq’s metamodel to include technical debt items. Technical debt is easily mapped to applications, underlying technologies, and services, providing critical views of the IT estate and its interdependencies. 

Using automated workflows, calculations, and dashboards, Ardoq’s data platform enables customers to assess technical debt, ensure critical issues are addressed, and properly plan future investments in accordance with business requirements.

A few of the main features in Ardoq’s data-driven platform include:

  • Surveys, workflows and database for efficiently identifying, classifying, and documenting technical debt.
  • Automated calculations for analyzing technical debt.
  • Dynamic views of the technical debt landscape.
  • Charts to assess technical debt extent and impact.
  • Dashboards to aid in making informed trade-off decisions about debt management and repayment.
  • Reports, presentations and Ardoq Discover for communicating technical debt priorities and following up initiatives to address debt levels.

All-in-one Solution

Ardoq’s Technical Debt Management Solution is one of several solutions, which include, amongst others, Application Portfolio Management, Application Risk Management, Business Capability Modeling and Strategy to Execution

Each Solution is extensively researched by experts and based on best practices. Applying Solutions enables you to save time and produce insights faster for key stakeholders, modifying the assets to fit your organization.

See also: Getting Started with Ardoq Solutions.

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Cynthia Kristensen Cynthia Kristensen Cynthia is a Product Marketing Manager at Ardoq and has over 20 years experience in senior marketing roles and management teams at B2B tech companies.
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