Strategic Planning and Execution

Understand the impact and alignment of your strategy and projects across the whole business.
strategic planning and execution
An actionable guide on how to provide the missing link between strategy and execution.
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enterprise architecture strategic planning and execution
Ardoq strategic planning and execution

What Can I Answer with Ardoq’s Strategic Planning and Execution Module?

  • What are the strategic objectives of our company?
  • What projects realize the strategic objectives and when will these be delivered?
  • Who is responsible for the most critical projects and what are these impacting?
  • What are the potential conflicts in the projects we are running?

Each of Ardoq's use case modules comes with a pre-configured setup with everything you need to get started and the flexibility to expand on this effortlessly in-app.

Ardoq strategic planning and execution

Elevate your strategy from static slide decks to live data insight

Ardoq’s data-driven graph technology allows you to replace static, hard to maintain drawings with dynamic insight. So your organization can confidently reduce risk and cost across connected systems, capabilities, and projects.
strategy map
Map Your Strategy Instantly

Import via excel or get started using our predefined survey

business performance insights
Fast Execution on Insights

Drive better business performance with greater agility

organization collaboration
Effortless Collaboration

Share and learn together with your organization’s domain experts

data driven enterprise architecture
enterprise architecture data
enterprise architecture data input
Ease of Data Input

Crowdsourcing and instant connections mean you always get the full picture

enterprise architecture alignment
Ensure Alignment

Quickly identify where your strategy and effort are not aligned

enterprise architecture industry standards
Utilize Industry Specific Standards

Connect your strategy to one of our growing number of out of the box capability

Learn the Best Practice

Ardoq’s VP of Customer Success, Ian Stendera, walks you through an introduction in how Ardoq can be used to answer the key business questions using the Best Practice Module for Strategic Planning and Execution.

Move Fast From Data Input to Execution on New Insights

Actionable analysis to help you make smart decisions at speed.
data input

Create your strategy map either by importing an existing Excel sheet or through our fully collaborative UI.

data processing

Connect your Strategic Objectives to your Project Portfolio or Capability Map to identify your ability to execute.

data output

Generate insights into your progress, areas of risk and opportunities. Present your findings in executive dashboards and living presentations.

Seeing is believing

Discover firsthand how Ardoq's approach to new enterprise architecture can transform the way your organization operates.