Dataflow & integrations

Seamlessly share data between your SaaS and on-premise applications.

Save 30-40% of your annual IT budget

That’s how much IDG says companies that utilize cloud-based integrations can save each year.


A smart solution for your data challenges

How your organization benefits with Ardoq’s data automation platform

New app connectivity

Ensure each new system you deploy doesn’t operate in a silo

Reduce IT outgoings

Discover redundant tech within your enterprise

Minimize risk

Mitigate operational, financial, and legal risk by moving to the cloud


Greater efficiencies

Untangle the complexity of integration architecture

Improve performance

Align your architecture with your overall digital strategy

Business transparency

Understand exactly how data flows throughout your organization


Get the data answers you need

Ensure you have all information at your fingertips.

Message routing

Do we need forking and aggregating message flows, or content-based routing?


What processes or protocols will be affected if we remove this database?


How can we navigate around our most important, high-risk systems?

"With a tool like Ardoq, you have all of the information stored one way and you’re able to share that with anyone in the manner and form that is adaptable to the receiving audience.”

Aleksander Hakestad Chief Digital Officer, Fundu


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